1. i really want to smell like a lemon. literally just want to smell like some squeezed lemon juice on me, any recommendations?

  2. Try Les Indemodables Escale en Indonesie. This is how I describe it.

  3. Just curve for men which isn’t very expensive. I also find it mildly interesting that the 5th most expensive liquid in the world is the perfume Chanel No. 5 at $26,000 a gallon.

  4. Among perfumes, Chanel No 5 isn’t even one of the more expensive. Chanel has an exclusifs line that is about twice as costly ($300+ for 100 ml, vs $150 for Chanel No 5). Other niche perfume brands may charge $400-1000 or more for 100 ml. Check out Aftelier, Roja Dove Creation E, Ensar Oud, House of Matriarch, etc.

  5. Super specific, but there is this candle from walmart called Exploring America: Austin. The notes are Bergamot, Rose, and Vetiver and it smells PERFECT. I want to smell exactly like this candle.

  6. That candle name is as stupid as Cardinal. Where’s the tequila, lime, peach, pecan, cedar, magnolia, primrose, oak, prickly pear, and wisteria?

  7. I think people often use the term “outdated” for things that were popular before they discovered them, to make their current taste feel superior by contrast. This is not exclusive to fragrance.

  8. Looking for fragrance suggestions for my wedding! 💍✨

  9. Papillon Artisan’s Hera was created by the perfumer for her daughter to wear for her wedding. It’s stunning. If you want to go sexier, try Salome from the same house.

  10. So I don’t know what hyacinths smell like in real life, but I love Chronotope Intravenus for being a natural-smelling non-sweet floral, and I’ve heard other people say that hyacinth is the flower it smells like!

  11. You would probably recognize it, if you’ve been in an American grocery store in very early spring! They all stock it for a few weeks, and the smell hits you as you walk in the door.

  12. I got bold today and went with Ganymede for work.

  13. Yes, cow is very light. Bee is a bomb, camel and beaver are moderate, and I haven’t tried the others.

  14. I'm in a need for a new "summer" fragrance. Summer being in quotes, as I generally have not been altering my scents based on weather, but maybe this gives me a new excuse to buy a new fragrance.

  15. Eight & Bob original is fresh and a little different, and around that price range from discounters. They also have a discovery set.

  16. Naomi Goodsir Bois d’Ascese for a pure wood smoke, or Arquiste Nanban for a little extra something. Indigo perfumery has a nice “smoke and spice” sample set that includes these and several others.

  17. Yea, I am definitely grateful that I didn't have to SOAP. And I feel terrible for everyone that did not match and had to go through that entire process. Also the program I matched into is a great program. The interview was wonderful and the people there seemed awesome. But my biggest fear during residency was to do it alone which is exactly what is happening. My boyfriend and I are going to break up when I leave for residency since it is far from home and he doesn't want to do long distance (already decided that pre-match day)

  18. Great program with awesome people—focus on this!

  19. I got a decant of Strangelove Fall Into Stars.

  20. I was relieved not to care much for silence the sea.

  21. I’m trying Arquiste Nanban today, from Indigo Perfumery’s Smoke and Spice sample set. I’ve mostly been enjoying the samples, but they’ve generally been of a similar class, smoky/medicinal openings over a dry wood/incense mix, varying a bit in the notes. Nanban is an unexpected stand-out. This is supposed to represent a historic 17th century voyage between japan and Europe, the ship and its cargo of spices, teas, incense, etc, along with some samurai, an encounter between east and west. It opens with a blast of pepper, then surprisingly sweetens with a mix of wood, incense, but also some rich coffee, some muskiness, and lots of other notes that I can’t identify (supposedly strong tea). This is in a different universe from Barbie and Ken and even their antagonists.

  22. This is the biggest attack since the war started. They’re firing iskanders and sending drones from Belarus (that’s how they got the drones to hit Lviv).

  23. According to the first paragraph, this was the largest attack in 3 weeks.

  24. I own and adore Anubis, and have tried Hera and Spell 125 but didn’t care much for those. Again, clearly carefully-made, complex stuff, but not for me.

  25. I’m sorry Bengali Rouge was a miss for you! I’ve been exploring papillon lately too, and I found Bengale rouge elegant but comfortable. Spell 125 was my intro to the house and is still my favorite, and I also enjoyed Hera, so you can take my opinion with a grain of salt as we seem to have different tastes, but if you like florals then I think you might like Angelique as probably as he most subtle and supple, but still with some complexity as the powdery floral opening evolves into an incensed floral. And Salome is absolutely hadid hot, you should definitely try it.

  26. Any floral, woody, warm frag with moderate to strong sillage and projection recommendations? Probably with little to no citrus notes

  27. Mrs Meyers has a variety of fairly strong scents in various household cleaners (hand soap, multipurpose spray, laundry, etc.) They have simple names like "lavender" and "honeysuckle" but they're more complex than their namesakes.

  28. “Lavender” smells like almond to me. I never would have guessed it was lavender. It’s great.

  29. My first try of Papillon Artisans Tobacco Rose. It’s nice.

  30. I want something that smells like the staff-only areas of a public aquarium. Not like an "aquatic note," because that has never actually smelled like water to me. I want something that actually smells WET. A little algae, a little mineral deposit, maybe even a little must. Saltwater might be acceptable, but I'm more of a freshwater gal.

  31. In the intersection of your requests is Eris Belle de Jour. This is a feminine sweet tangy floral, mainly orange blossom, but seasoned with a slightly bitter secondary note that is actually seaweed. I think the seaweed it be considered mineralic— most of the day it creates a really great scent bubble, complex but pretty, except every now and then I get a whiff of something like Flintstones.

  32. If you must wear something, spray it lower on your body. Behind your knees is one spot. Also, make sure your shirt doesn’t have a strong residue.

  33. The doctor is the one person whose head gets between your knees though. If going to that doctor, I’d probably stick with upper body fragrance or none.

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