1. Quem entra para um curso acessível a um aluno médio sai de lá para um emprego médio onde recebe um ordenado médio. Nada de errado, portanto. Isto porque há competencias mais valorizadas no mercado de trabalho. Mas aí o "problema" é da sociedade e não há grande discução a ter com alguém que pensa assim.

  2. Pois, mas não estás a ter em conta a disparidade entre inflação e ordenado. A qualificação média da camada jovem é superior, mas os salários não aumentarem proporcionalmente ao custo de vida, desvalorização da moeda e competição internacional.

  3. That does not mean water will suddenly stop existing here 💀💀💀

  4. Yes it does, can't you see the map? We'll DIE! But hey at least we're not Americans 😌

  5. Just because your legs can lift 200kg does not mean you are strong 😬

  6. Não, é gramatical, só existem palavras agudas, graves ou esdrúxulas, com acento na última, penúltima ou antepenúltima sílaba, respetivamente.

  7. Uranium tipped ammunition leaves very long-lasting radiation behind causing thyroid issues and cancers in the local population for a very very long time. Uranium tipped ammunition has got to be a war crime just like incendiary bombs and white phosphorus

  8. If you actually took your time to do some

  9. Tell that to people in conflict areas who are experiencing cancers and birth defects after decades of living on lands that were soiled by uranium tipped bombs.

  10. Yep, so qualified research is invalidated by your supposed knowing of cases where there is no control. Unless you have a source to disprove what I claimed, that is not correct.

  11. The biggest paradigm shift since combined arms.

  12. Liquidating your enemy one hot soup at a time.

  13. That "someone" with a ruler was a chad european colonizer, actually.

  14. I do not consume drugs and have ascended to a higher plane of existance and can see beyond everything, so yes, I am okay.

  15. So you can see that they're already legal.. right?

  16. Yeah but it's better to leave it off to save on battery

  17. One thing is to lie, another is to gaslight. The CCP is the definition of gaslighting. Nothing happened in tiannamen square.

  18. Are we just gonna ignore the active road in the back with cars going back and forth lmao? Someones gonna get a cannonball through their windshiels

  19. I too am unsure if Ukraine is clean of a Nazism problem. I guess Russia will soon clarify for us.

  20. Are the Ukrainian Nazis in the room with us?

  21. Armored forces, opposed to Russian Forces, simple 'as.

  22. The thawing of the winter offensive cannon fodder 🤢

  23. How many % of the Total energy usage? From 0.5 to 1 is also an 100% increase...

  24. Whaat? Headlines to attract attention? 🤯

  25. An uncivilized nation bombing a civilized nation because of oil.

  26. What moral way is there to make war? So it either is cool or not, but always immoral.

  27. Attention deficit coming in handy rn 😌

  28. Both halves are Saddam-sized and you don't know which one he's in, that's the trick

  29. Its Schrödinger you A-10 pilot. Im not going around calling your tank Äbraschinkens or Herausforder either

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