AITA for asking my daughter for help?

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  1. His mistake wasn't leaking it. That's like saying a criminal's mistake is getting caught. The mistake was purchasing the paid version of the website. That was a critical, devastating lapse in judgment for someone in his particular profession. It could be among the absolute worst "innocent" things he could have done.

  2. In QT's first reaction, her only mention of him was, "fuck Atrioc, for showing it to thousands of people." It is not about getting caught, it is about what Lud showed, a huge spike in Google searches because atrioc was the reason millions of people learned what deepfake porn was and started looking for it. You can look at searches in addition to what Ludwig shared that show things like "pokimane deepfake" and similar shot to the sky as well.

  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_Kohlberg's_stages_of_moral_development

  4. Let's clarify, he paid for access to a website that contained celebrity deepfakes, including those of female streamers. He claims it was a one-time thing out of curiosity, whether you believe that is up to you, not my place to say.

  5. I also want to be able to put some level of faith in what he's said, something something innocent until proven guilty (obviously hes not innocent, he did something bad, but i want to be able to give some benefit of the doubt) otherwise I would just have to assume everyone is being dishonest in every apology.

  6. Depends, if you carry a knife all year and only use it once or twice buy a nice one you can show off. Now, if you go through knifes like shoes, it’s a great deal

  7. I'm a delivery driver, and go through knife blades pretty quick, due to cutting off pallet strapping, wrapping, and breaking down heavy duty cardboard. Box cutter blades barely last a day before getting to blunt or just snapping, so I swapped to cheap knives. On my 3rd paraframe since August last year. Just give it a quick whip over the steel Monday mornings.

  8. Okay, that's what I was trying to get to without being presumptuous or accusatory. You sharpen yours. What happened to your first 2 paraframes?

  9. You should do it per ounce to understand true equivalence, especially a time of high shrinkflation.

  10. I have one that is very similar that was purchased in Minnesota. Same bullet ends, antler or bone type middle, bolt action mechanism, and rifle clip. Supposedly made by a person up here and purchased for me by my brother in law for Christmas. Wonder what the deal is?

  11. The deal is, when people "make" pens, they are often using kits and simply turning rectangular pieces of wood into cylindrical ones, and finishing the wood, maybe adding words. All of the metal pieces are one of a few kit configurations.

  12. This is a project I have been tinkering with for a few months. I had the rear sight milled off and added a dovetail cut in the slide to be able to mount the shield sms red dot to the LCP II. It’s the lightest weight red dot currently on the market and it also has a really low profile which reduces the height over bore. I have also added the Galloway precision spring kit as well as tandemkross +4 mag extensions which bring the capacity to 14+1 and offer a full firing grip on the pistol. I have found that stingers and Aguila high velocity offer the best reliability in my gun, and stingers are what I carry in the gun. I use this in a deep carry role. I also carry it while I workout and while jogging because it weighs next to nothing.

  13. I've wanted to do the dovetail and red dot. Who did you have do the milling, and what adapter did you use between the dovetail and the shield sms?

  14. Ok, so if I take away the addendum about acting abroad is that better? Because we honestly shouldn’t be doing that anyways.

  15. so who stops anyone (people, police, military) from getting guns in your scenario?

  16. If you assume that any convicted felon is innocent because they couldn’t afford adequate representation does that mean you also assume the opposite for those who are found NOT guilty? I understand your concerns about the justice system, but still.

  17. Not only that; these cousins brought the kidnapper into custody themselves after fighting against multiple police representatives and officers who didn't believe them at every step

  18. The only thing I use my multi tool pliers for is cutting wire, which I can't do with my Knipex XS.

  19. It wouldn't be too difficult to re-engineer the Leatherman Crunch and make it a Cobra pliers multi tool.

  20. They definitely do, they own their own business so they've worked hard for it :)

  21. Do some research, the potassium alum in the stone LITERALLY blocks the pores, it’s the ingredient used in some anti perspirant on the market too. There’s some really easily accessible ressources out there like

  22. Whelp, thanks for your attitude, but no. I read your whole linked article and it doesn't say anything about being an antiperspirant or blocking ducts.

  23. Zero sweat has a glass dispenser and contains aluminum. I have no used it, but it might be worth a look. Pretty pricey.

  24. That's pretty sick. Their glass option has a lower % of aluminum than their other offerings and average sticks, and says it is "slightly less powerful." It has no baking soda so won't give alkaline rashes.

  25. They're not selling the cookies to make a profit. They're giving them away. 40% over budget is 40% more than he should have spent. We don't know what that 40% is going to do to the rest of their budget. Is someone not going to get a present now? Will they have enough money to buy Christmas dinner? To put gas in their car? OP sounds like an obsessive compulsive nutjob who NEEDED to prove he was the master cookie man to show up his wife (who admittedly wasn't nice when he said he was going to bake).

  26. There is a lot of presumptive worst-case thinking to justify your perspective and judgemental attitude toward taking pride in your work. If you've seen great British bakeoff or ever cooked or baked for a group the idea of practicing a couple times before a high volume event is not nutjob behavior but appropriate

  27. Looks like Gen5 19. I have a lot of guns so I cannot say that I never misplaced one but certainly never out in public! Maybe it was a backup gun to his gun who knows would hate to lose $500 that’s for sure

  28. You are being down voted because your mindset indicates you are a liability to the gun owning community, and more importantly, to society. Losing a gun even in private is so many levels beyond the hyper-awareness and responsibility dictated by these tools, we can only imagine what other embarrassing and dangerous things you do

  29. No they didn't. Comment just said it didn't matter what handedness the subjects were. Not the same thing. But it's OK. I wouldn't expect you to understand.

  30. Having held babies and normally on the left side, or even switching from right to left, I can tell you that this is likely the right answer.

  31. They controlled for handedness. You didn't discover the answer in 2 seconds by yourself while scientists blundered around missing this basic consideration. You just looked at the % of holding in left and % of left handed people and don't know how the analyses were run.

  32. Ya man, you got it, I'm just jealous. You have showed me that trying to make information more accessible to average users is in fact anti-intellectual. You successfully defended the honor of some stranger on the internet (maybe he'll actually respond to your questions now, he is here to spread knowledge, right?)

  33. How have you made information that is accessible to the average person on the internet? Link it to me. You are like the critic in Roosevelt's man in the arena speech, and I can't stand people like you

  34. Nah, you're just insecure. This post isn't about how to use issued coms, but how to set up your own system, which is why it is more technical. But since in your wisdom you declare that the max complexity should be capped at feet pics and that none of us are here to learn about tactical coms I nominate you moderator to enforce that

  35. What is the use for this if this only applies for college age students?

  36. Why do you think it only applies to college students? What subject(s) do you teach?

  37. Not really. Such long life means very low temp, and very low efficiency. There is a healthy compromise somewhere in the "reasonably cheap and efficient bulb that lasts a few years".

  38. Fellow Chilean here! I'll try to answer/improvise why coffee cannot be grown in Chile, or at least, that it is hard.

  39. I visited Sandra Farms in Chile and saw their coffee growing and roasting operation, and came to learn that most other Chilean roasters roast imported beans.

  40. Chris with Lucky Gunner is at least actually politically neutral in that he nearly never mentions anything about it.

  41. He did talk about backpack guns during the BLM riots which i felt slightly showed his hand

  42. I've tried many of the PCCs on offer, and with the exception of those with roller or radial delayed blowback, they all have more recoil than a shorty AR. A rifle caliber (even in a short barrel with less time to accelerate) will perform better in terminal ballistics, and the 5.56 is just as cheap I think. Now, there is future redefinitions of braces vs stocks to consider if you go really short.

  43. 556 is definitely not as cheap as 9mm, the former is hovering around 38cpr and the latter around 27cpr for cheap brass which might not sound like much round for round but when you are buying them by the thousands..

  44. Is there anything better than get that talc from the inner tire all over your hands, luggage and maybe clothes? I can't exactly pinpoint why but I absolutely hate this tip

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