5 years later, on St Patrick's Day, I return to tell Americans that they aren't Irish

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  1. I've never been asked to show my vaccination card. ☹️ I keep it front and center, but so far I've been granted all this crazy freedom to come and go as I please and no one even bothers calling my mask a diaper. It's almost like fear mongering, hysterical, cQnsevogelicals don't know what they're talking about!

  2. Makes sense - Staten Island is full of cops, firefighters, and sanitation guys.

  3. I am team Rachel. I don’t know anything about her as a person, but she panicked and used her company card. Mistake? Sure. But what the hell else was she supposed to do???

  4. My sister (lives in Manhattan) met someone born in Long Island who hadn't been to NYC until she was almost 30. So not 35 years, but not far off. Blew her mind. This person hadn't even gone more than like 10 miles in any direction from their place of birth. That person has still only been to Brooklyn and Queens, nowhere else (yes, they never went to Manhattan even after getting to Brooklyn), last I heard, and has never left the metro area.

  5. I saw a photo of the attack in your post history. I'm sorry this happened to you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  6. Yes. I'm a straight woman and I won't date dog owners, or single parents. Incompatible lifestyles, priorities, and availability.

  7. I recommend Neville Goddard's complete works. Not only does it offer you a new perspective, but you will realize a lot of things most people are unaware of.

  8. I second Blake Crouch's Dark Matter. It was a good thought exercise.

  9. Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. I'd never read The Martian and only watched the movie, which I thought was alright. Project Hail Mary absolutely blew me away. It put me on a roller coaster of emotions, something I'd been missing in so many books.

  10. Yes, PHM was unexpectedly emotional for me; seeing that it was sci-fi, I didn't think it would move me. But it did; I fell in love with Rocky, and got very emotionally involved in the story. 10/10 would recommend because it's Amaze! Amaze! Amaze!

  11. I read verity and I liked it, however I found some of the dialogue and the characters to be a bit cringe, and some situations just didn’t seem very plausible.

  12. What is your source for the rental information you post? I see rooms advertised

  13. Did you click on some of those descriptions? One says no guests. Another says you must be a part-time roommate. Another is a shared room with two single beds.

  14. That woman is a raving lunatic!!! I'm so sorry you were subjected to such a crazy encounter with someone so clearly deranged. Scofflaw behavior, bullying, and veiled threats go hand-in-hand with these nutters. Also proves the point that title/status/affiliation with any supposed noble profession does not equate to decency as a given; often times it actually seems to spur them to exaggerated degeneracy. What a b*tch!

  15. Kind of ashame that we have to say that somehow a European background wouod have been a contribution to her success

  16. It's harder to worm one's way from nothing into the upper echelons of American society if you come from a third world country and are visibly not White. Amongst the many things about the show that I disagreed with was its inaccurate portrayal of how diverse all those wealthy, exclusive places/gatherings were. IRL, it is not like that. At least in NYC. Nearly all white/European background. This was Netflix's umpteenth attempt to diversify on screen what isn't diverse in reality.

  17. After PHM, I read Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. Really enjoyed it, and I'm going to pick up his other book Recursion at the library tomorrow.

  18. I agree. And I would still make mine. Dark humor is how I deal with the dark things in my life. Clutching pearls just doesn’t appeal to me. That seems worse, almost infantilizing non white people from around the world. /white savior complex.

  19. What an absolute dumpster fire of a comment thread.

  20. The hardships of non-White people are funny, don't ya know? Only Europeans and White North Americans deserve context, seriousness, and empathy.

  21. I’m in NYC, and yea I’m experiencing the same stuff. If I don’t use my produce within a few hours of purchasing it, it’s ready for mold. And even though as one commenter said it is winter, I feel like nothing should have that short of a shelf life at the prices I’m buying this food for.

  22. Also in nyc. The produce stands by me have actually been pretty good (esp for berries right now); Hong Kong supermarket in Chinatown also has good produce. Both options are very cheap.

  23. I'm also in NYC, but thankfully not experiencing poor quality, though I shop at produce markets and not at supermarkets - not sure if that has something to do with it. But the prices I've seen are ridiculously high, even by NYC standards.

  24. International Opinion: I'm a fan. More buildings shaped like other things please.

  25. Yes, I looked this building and it made me LOL. It's cute.

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