Melvin Capital, hedge fund torpedoed by the GameStop frenzy, is shutting down.

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  1. What kind of professional of stature stakes his company on a cliche like a game storefront company going under, but then doesn't carefully study the position? If Burry was long GME then the fundamentals had to be there.

  2. Burry was long GME during the original squeeze setup going back to 2020. This was back when people who were "all in" on GME (including Burry and DFV) believed a major win would be the stock going from $5 to $30. That's what the fundamentals supported, not the current valuation. He's since confirmed he's out and doesn't believe in the MOASS.

  3. Have you read anything about the Hwang fiasco? No? It shows.

  4. You can’t really be just a little racist, though. Or just a little pro-choice.

  5. You can though because the world isn't black and white, and neither are issues. Let's hypothetically say there's an individual who is at the forefront of equality in all ways except for whatever reason they support no-knock warrants. Maybe they had some personal experience where a no-knock warrant saved them. Now, no-knock warrants aren't facially racist; but they do disparately impact (and negatively impact) certain minority groups. It's therefore arguable that they're "racist" laws, and anyone who supports them would thus arguably be at minimum a "little racist". Now you can disagree with that conclusion on a personal level, but there are certainly people who would make that argument.

  6. Nothing is all that bad or all that good. If you feel passionately about something (or God forbid, angry) then you need to relax, have a nice cuppa, and learn to shake your head at anyone who thinks there are really serious problems in the world that require drastic action and passion.

  7. Nah, this is just the reddit strawman moderate. In reality, being "moderate" does not mean falling in the middle on all issues or never taking a strong stance; it just means approaching things on an issue by issue basis rather than falling into line with one party's ideals on all issues. So a moderate might lean left on one issue, right on another, and middle on another. On average, they're "moderate" but that doesn't mean they don't have strong opinions when zoomed in.

  8. I've been a Browns fan my whole life, but at the end of the day this is a game. What he put those women through is real. If he rubbed his dick on your mom, sister or daughter and made her cry would you still root for him?

  9. I'm not rooting for him though; I'm rooting for the Browns. I don't think those have to be the same thing.

  10. It’s just a ducking sport man. Are you literally that obsessed with a sport? Spend some fucking time with your family. Go read a damn book. Go join some class.

  11. (1) quit brigading, you're not even a Browns fan; (2) you don't know anything about me you pretentious and judgmental prick.

  12. That's not how reinvestment or venture capital works. Amazon has pretty much never made a profit since it's inception.

  13. Be that as it may, the delivery app companies have notable barriers to becoming cash flow positive in any sense. Amazon largely did not make a profit for many years by choice, but their business model was still sustainable. That's yet to be determined with the delivery apps. All the VC money is still counting on future market control driving profitability.

  14. The reason for the current housing price boom isn't complicated. I was referring to broader evaluations of whether the housing market is in a bubble.

  15. Rate of price growth will slow, but inventory is still very low. A bubble would indicate prices decreasing at some point. I don't think that's in the cards. More a deceleration of prices in most markets.

  16. Great point, let's all give up on everything then, good stuff. We can all pat ourselves on the back because we know that Putin should "just turn around and go home," and watch as he doesn't do that, and he slowly descends into more isolation and belligerence.

  17. You seem to be under the impression that the only two options are to legitimize Putin with frequent contact and public statements like Macron or shut him off entirely. There's no such dichotomy.

  18. And you seem to be under the impression that Macron engaging in dialogue with Putin somehow undermines a united front against him.

  19. Correct, I don't agree with his diplomatic strategy on that front.

  20. I still don't understand the penalty. He was trying to tackle the guy, brown was trying to jump over him, they met in the middle at his face. It's always been funny to me

  21. "natural hurdle motion" does not involve extending the leg into a kick like Brown did. Replays made it obvious how reckless that play was.

  22. Not really, the west shunned afghanistan and froze its assets after the western backed corrupt and illegitimate government got toppled. The taliban government would take whoever can help develop the country. Hate to say it but partly our fault. Shouldve just restored normal diplomatic relations with Afghanistan. Especially since the taliban is hardly a major geopolitical threat and now we’re pushing them towards russia and china

  23. "Illegitimate government." Only someone pro taliban would call it that. Are you seriously pro taliban? Makes sense given your ridiculous comment, but still dude. For fucks sake.

  24. Im not pro taliban but the taliban rule Afghanistan now and ruled Afghanistan before the invasion. The American installed government who had a penchant for being high on opium all day and young boys was never sustainable without western military backing. Its a fact and why it crumbled. You people are ridiculous…

  25. I just stated some facts, sorry if it paints Britain in a poor light but I live under this joke of a government

  26. I guess I just don't see the relation between Brexit PR and the UK supporting Ukraine's right to not concede territory as an appeasement to Putin.

  27. It's just such a non-distinction. For purposes of humiliation over this war, Putin and Russia are one and the same. No one has ever suggested the world should somehow cut through any connection to Putin in an effort to humiliate the Russian people on a personal level. I don't even suspect that's possible absent some concerted effort.

  28. My point is that humiliating Russian people directly is something that has never been on the table, and it's difficult to even contemplate what that would look like. So when the whole world's like "hey, it's pretty fucked up what Putin and Russia (the government) are doing right now," it's pretty meaningless to then be like "well wait now, let's not go blaming the Russian people."

  29. If they activate article 5 the need a well equipped Turkish army. If Turkey activated article 5 they should hope that the Turkish army is also well equipped.

  30. Still not sure your point. Being in a treaty that obligates defense of another nation doesn't mean you have to preemptively arm them if you don't want to.

  31. No, you don’t have to. But it makes no sense not to do it because you have to prepare for both scenarios I’ve mentioned above.

  32. I still don't follow your logic, tbh. Finland's obligation to come to the defense of Turkey under article 5 would be a necessary evil of joining NATO in their view. Which is to says they'll provide defense assistance because they have to, not want to. So why would they preemptively -- before any obligation is triggered (or may ever be triggered -- give Turkey weapons? It's certainly not because they'd want a powerful Turkey to help them in the event they were attacked. That's not why countries join NATO. 99.999% of NATO's military punch comes elsewhere. Whether Turkey is well-armed matters very little.

  33. Bleacher Report was never great but it seems to be total trash now.

  34. Seriously. It's literally no better than posting a random idiot's reddit thread as "news" lol.

  35. Well, to be fair, Lola Bunny's main selling point in the original Space Jam movie was basically being a "hot babe" and that's it. But yeah, i get your point

  36. Wasn't she also the most competent at basketball next to Mike himself? Sounds like a strong and attractive character, no?

  37. How dare you price anchor the payout to mere trillions. You must do three Hail Cohens and repent such heresy.

  38. Materials need a price correction more than anything in order to reduce the inflated prices we’re experiencing today. Doubt we need a crash or will have one, as demand for homes have been skyrocketing lately, but obviously, builders can’t keep up due to an array of factors; the main one being shortages.

  39. If you live in an area that has a high rise nearby, not sure what home you're looking at that can be bought with a 200k loan. The housing market is just insane right now. Homes that were literally going for 200k pre covid are now flying off the shelves at 400k+.

  40. Not sure where you live, but homes in the South aren’t ridiculously expensive for what you can get. I’m not near this zip code and live in the downtown area, so my rent is going to be considerably higher. If I decided to go 15mi out and rent, I’d be paying much less for more.

  41. Ah, I gotcha. Incidentally, I absolutely love Savannah!

  42. Ah a knowledgeable and rational answer as opposed to arm chair quarterbacks arguing machine/vehicle design that surely has gone though many steps and check and inspections before it went into production.

  43. You find the answer knowledgable and rational because you agree with it, not because there's actually any indication the person knows what the fuck he's talking about. Log trucks and tankers spill (without negligence) in real accidents, not just mildly hard stops because someone pulled out in front. Commercial vehicles have to stop hard all of the time.

  44. Might be a mild stop for a car, but it doesnt take long to google and see that this truck was probably at 66,000ish pounds, and stopped that fast? Pretty hard brake for that kind if weight.

  45. It's still a road-certified commercial vehicle. Needing to perform an emergency stop is not a question of if but when.

  46. And that is why Amazon will never rival GS's profit margins, shill.

  47. bad actors are systematically hired over and over again.

  48. None of the military contracting groups are saints but let’s not go acting like they’re all equally bad either.

  49. Holy fuck! Everyone else is systemically bad, but we have bad actors. What the fuck blinders do you have on? This is exactly why the US have a problem with cops kneeling on people’s necks.

  50. Oh shit was my comment directed at everyone? I thought it was directed at the group who just raped new moms in a maternity ward. Shit, my bad! You’re right, all groups rape new moms in maternity wards. Shame on me for putting them in particular on blast.

  51. To date, the Browns have been unwilling to do that. It's absolutely about his contract situation lol. If Baker were released, tons of teams would be interested in taking a flyer on him. The downside is almost nothing at that point.

  52. If Baker is released we still pay him his full contract. If a team picked him up it would be at the league minimum and we'd pay the rest. Baker is getting his entire contract next year, at this point it's just a matter of how much of that contract we're paying.

  53. Right, we're talking about a hypothetical where he's released and we eat his contract. That's literally the premise?

  54. Why would Baler want to stay away though? If he’s trying to get cut, so he can pick his team, then showing up would be the best thing. He knows him being there is gonna cause controversy so why stay home?

  55. Because Baker also wants to be traded, and him acting up in the locker room would only make it more difficult for that to happen.

  56. Article 42 lays out the potential for team discipline. In a CBA however, it only lays out the POSSIBLE discipline, not the not permitted disciple. While paid suspensions were once allowed, they were removed in 2011 (I believe it’s that CBA). Article 46 lays out the one place a paid suspension is permitted.

  57. Bleacher Report article that fails to cite any actual provision from the CBA is not exactly a good summary of why we can't just keep him home. Any idiot can write a bleacher report article.

  58. Within a more cinephile community, Nolan is a basic bitch director at best. Also grouped with the 'FilmBro' stereotype.

  59. I've never seen being a Nolan fan used to stereotype being a white guy but maybe I'm just not running in such ridiculous circles.

  60. That white guy comment was from another user which I don't particulary agree with but I get the idea. It's just another stereotype, young guys """discovering""" cinema and having Nolan, Tarantino, Fincher as their favs and stating it's the best thing ever, that type of thing.

  61. Yeah, I do agree there's a Nolan-fan stereotype that skews young male. I just never saw it as a race thing lol.

  62. Idiot in the car... but also construction workers that don't put a barrier are idiots too.

  63. Is it even an idiot in the car? There's no barriers, and it's not like wet concrete is something one anticipates when driving through an open road. The car behind the first driver looked ready to go through as well but they had the benefit of seeing the first car and stopped. Also, once the first car did enter the concrete, continuing to drive is absolutely the right play. They would have been fully stuck if they stopped or tried to reverse.

  64. Nelly was a great villain. The real cringe was when they 180'd her into a good guy. I think she had one of the best interviews other than Finger Lakes guy and Robert.

  65. Even as a villain I didn't like her because she's just the embodiment of the show's transition away from its grounded, relatable corporate setting (which imo was essential to the show's jokes having a punch) and just devolving into straight up clownery sitcom.

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