1. No they don't, they'll also eat wet non food items too.

  2. Well, those are all wet, unless the shark went out of the water to land and then ate them.

  3. But if you read they're not food. Wet non food items.

  4. Yeah and I saw at least the other half a dozen times it was posted.

  5. Just 1 less Ivory back scratcher they can afford.

  6. If it was consciously then it may be considered a parody which is not plagiarism.

  7. Pretty much. My best return although I defected it was on a Monday a black sleeveless dress with salt sweat lines and scuffed up heels. You know it was used once for a weekend even, they paid with card so I couldn't see a purchase date.

  8. Brigitte Nielsen from Red Sonja way before her.

  9. No problem I knew I've seen it before, and others have posted it but they don't try to claim it as theirs.

  10. You keep doing it until it becomes second nature, until you can do it blindfolded in your sleep in the dark.

  11. #6 Obey: Andre the Giant is described as an ad campaign against advertising.

  12. Second star to the right and straight on till morning.

  13. You can ask but if your availability is wide open they do whatever they want.

  14. Well it's not out yet, also it may only show in NY and LA so it can qualify for Oscar contention.

  15. No matter how big the explosion your hearing is just fine.

  16. Don't answer any numbers not saved on your phone. If it's important they'll leave a message and then you can decide to save it.

  17. Not really cool with them hell I've never even met them, they do their thing and I'll do mine.

  18. Guest standing in front of the electronics boat: where are the batteries.

  19. That were a family, Target cares about the tms mental health.

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