1. The "GOLD" version is different, it's like the premium version of regular essence

  2. oh thanks. I don't think I've tried that one. I will pick some up. Is it a lot more costly than the regular?

  3. Just slightly more. They are all around $10 on stylevana/Jolse or whatever common websites

  4. Oh I wanted that so bad! You must live in a state they're allowed to ship to. Blown away that Idaho won't allow shipments of CBD face cleanser. Maybe I'll try to sneakily order it from Yensa directly... I've heard nothing but good.

  5. What? That's so weird. There is no thc in that so they aren't usually subject to the same regs as thc products.

  6. Right? It blows me away. Maybe it's just an ipsy thing? It just says there are shipping restrictions on every single item with CBD and won't ship them here. Boo.

  7. maybe your state is weird? Have you tried getting cbd items from other retailers. Some stuff is more restricted than others, it depends on how it's formulated I think.

  8. It's happened to me once or twice. Usually on a month with a lot of holidays. I've gotten my bag the first week of the month and the end of the month. It's a mixed bag.

  9. A new generation, with different tastes who prefer it. Music is subjective. If someone thinks one is better than the other, to them that's true

  10. I'm pretty dang old, and this was my answer when I talked to my kid about this question.

  11. I prefer MJs version but your comment is very thoughtful and well written. Butthurt people downvoting you.

  12. hahaha people are downvoting? None of that matters anyway.

  13. Service for 8 if it is a 4 piece setting (dinner plate, cup saucer and bread plate) is retail $1328. If it is a 7 piece setting (dinner, salad, bread, cereal bowl, berry bowl, teacup and saucer) $2976

  14. I have a coffee pot and a creamer and sugar, and have been debating whether I sell the dang things or not, because it's all I have and I doubt I will ever be able to complete a set, even though I absolutely LOVE it.

  15. I actually hate the Korres wild rose line personally. I don’t like the scent, it doesn’t really smell like roses l, and the products are irritating to my fairly not sensitive skin.

  16. I like Sydney Grace products but I don’t love the overall aesthetic of the brand. It gives me Live Laugh Love vibes. This palette is giving me the same vibe for some reason.

  17. How’s the pigmentation? I never tried SG.

  18. SG is my personal favorite formula. I have very dry skin with oily lids, and my eyes also tend to be watery. It lasts all day with primer and does not crease. The mattes are super easy to blend (I do use fude brushes), and the shimmers are creamy. They aren't glittery, and I don't get fallout. I would say they aren't trendy, but for my day to day, they're what I want. They're very pigmented so I have a white and a cream to blend with them as well when I want to tone down something before applying. Sometimes I want a lighter transition shade.

  19. Sorry, the other product I'm debating on is this one. So the dew mist or the cloudburtsing.

  20. I have the cloudburst. It's hydrating, but extremely fragranced. It's not my favorite earth harbor products.

  21. It’s still in the shop. I wonder how many people have bought it since it’s been sold out. I’m new to Ipsy but this seems predatory.

  22. It's probably not sold out. Ipsy CS is a mess. They send canned responses that don't always relate to your inquiry. So the reply you got doesn't seem to even relate to the order of the ND edit. Respond to the email and make sure the first sentence says, "I have not received my Natasha Denona Edit order, #.....". Then explain.

  23. Damn, they even deleted my comment asking why they were deleting comments that were critical of Anastasia. 💀

  24. Yep I get it from a business standpoint but idk what they expected lol

  25. They tried doing damage control with their other unlikeable/problematic X collaborators Khloe K & Addison Rae by responding to criticism with "sorry you feel that way" type of stuff, and they're not even bothering with that this time around, so I feel like they absolutely knew this would happen, & came in prepped with the whitewashing campaign.

  26. Late to the party here. Honestly, when colourpop has a good palette it is outstanding. They're a little bit unreliable though they have one of my favorite formulas. Super easy to blend, doesn't crease on me, lasts all day. Of Quartz is absolutely outstanding. If a palette is a dud for me, it's not usually that bad, and I never pay full price so I'm out like $10. Also if it's a dud, I'll just move around the good ones since they're all magnetic.

  27. Honestly cp Of Quartz is OUTSTANDING. Get it with an ulta coupon and it's a bargain.

  28. Usually within 10-15 business days. Shop is often faster than glam bags. You can also email them and request the tracking. Ipsy doesn't consider a package lost or a problem unless it's been stuck longer than 15 business days, but like I said shop is usually faster.

  29. Oh okay well thank you for that info! I’m excited. I was gonna sign up for josh and boxycharm both til I seen the merge so I decided to wait til it happened

  30. My plus this month was awesome. I make my decisions on whether to get it based on spoilers, and that helps me avoid any disappointment and keep my stash in control, lol. I think I probably skip about 4-6 a year. It's also easy to do from your account, which I appreciate.

  31. Thanks, I just spit my coffee all over my self lol, the person that inputs the pricing needs firing I swear. Although I did get the Goomee Hairbrush and Outré Hair bundle for just the $1.99 handling fee the other day. The listing said Free, so I purchased it (not expecting it to arrive) and I received it two days ago. Later on it was listed as $25 and no I don't feel guilty, they have screwed me over so many times just recently, I felt like it was compensation.

  32. Right, this is clearly an error where they put the rv of a different item on this listing. We’re the first to jump on it when it’s cheaper than it’s supposed to be. Like when they accidentally priced a brush set for $0. Errors go both way.

  33. Does purple shampoo work well on grey hair?? I’ve never heard that

  34. Silver/white/blonde hair gets warmer and brassier due to sun and minerals. Purple shampoo helps neutralize those yellow and orange tones that get deposited. It’s basically a gentle toner, just uses color theory.

  35. I picked the Bobbi brown eyeshadow stick and tried it on right away- totally fell in love!

  36. The online batch checkers are notorious for being inaccurate. In addition, I just checked some of those threads and the op of one acknowledged that they made a mistake and the one they got is not 6 years old.

  37. Thank you! That is good to know, I’m new to all this so I appreciate this information! 💖

  38. When I was dyeing my hair, I used the mini Urban Decay naked basic palette for root touchup. I swear it was the best root touchup ever for brunettes lol.

  39. Is it any surprise that the person that charges 4-5 times what an actual k beauty item costs in Asia on her fluffed up US site lacks ethics?

  40. I hope mine doesn’t arrive shattered. Those colors are much darker than I thought they would be

  41. I’ve been wanting to try it and your post makes me want to drive to the store right now.

  42. It's so good. But do not go in expecting a lot of coverage. It's just not that. It just ends up looking like you have good skin. And it's kind of weird. I apply it with a finger, and swirl it around so that it breaks the spheres. Then I let the water evaporate a bit, and finish with my fingers, and then a sponge. It comes with a really nice tiny brush, but I can never get a brush to not leave lines.

  43. May I suggest the Rose Inc Tinted Serum? It is similar to the Chanel Water Tint in that there are pigment spheres encapsulated in a hyaluronic acid base but it gives a more radiant finish and comes in more shades too 🤗

  44. That might be worth a try. I got some rose inc blushes and holy cow they are nice.

  45. Natural light and f2.8 aperture can blur a lot (it doesn’t look like f1.4 because hair would be more blurred). The picture is very overexposed as well for her skin tone (hides shadows and dark lines, creates a very 2D flat face). I am sure the photographer edited this picture afterwards..I mean light/contrast, color correction and adding sharpness are basic edits photographers don’t really talk about. And erasing some shadows/lines/spots that are distracting, might not be what is considered a ‘Beauty retouch’ in Photoshop but you can also do a quick edit in Lightroom. I think: Wrong exposure + edit to get more contrast which makes it looks like a filter. Simply not the reality.

  46. Yes! Even if she genuinely didn't know the photographer was gonna photoshop the pics before she saw them, it's hard to imagine her – someone who has to stare at her own face for a living – looking at this and genuinely thinking "yep that's how definitely I look unfiltered, untouched, and unedited".

  47. Yes, there's no way lol. The concept of "raw, unfiltered" photos is all bs anyway, since RAW is proprietary file type for each camera and the act of turning them into jpgs that people can view means that they have to be processed. RAW files look like trash, even if you have the software to read them.

  48. This is normal. This sample is 22 ml, and it foams. The package needs air in order to dispense properly.

  49. Thanks for this explanation! I have foaming hair products that are filled completely so I didn’t think that was the case, but maybe this is different.

  50. It's possible that it's sealed inside and needs the air, but fyi all of these have come filled like this. 22 ml is about 2/3 of an ounce so it's certainly filled with the right amount and the package is just large.

  51. Packages go to shipping partners like dhl and Pitney before they get handed off to the usps, so the post office can't track it until that happens. This is normal.

  52. I don't think that it quite hit the dollar amount listed. I have mixed feelings about it. I do like the palette.

  53. I got his too and at first I was didn’t realize, but the primer in my bag was also part of the redemption.

  54. My bag contained all 5 of my correct bag contents (yay!), my Add On pmg, and these 2 lovely friends.

  55. Oh weird. I had another item, not something I’m excited about, but I assume it was part of the mystery redemption.

  56. Her bag probably opened at the post office along with some other packages. The PO probably just put items in whatever package they thought it should go in. They're supposed to put a label on your package when this happens, but sometimes they don't. Packages spilling are pretty common.

  57. Yeah same here…I noticed it called Boxycharm today and was IMMEDIATELY irritated. I canceled Boxycharm because it sucked and I hated the box. I might’ve gotten one good month, then the remaining 5 I stayed subbed it was nothing that I liked or had use for and 2 boxes had broken items. Not pleased that it’s boxycharm and not Ipsy. Boxycharm was awful in my experience.

  58. honestly if there's anything I know about ipsy is that they will change something in a couple of months, so I have my doubts that plus will remain being called boxy charm forever.

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