1. I high-key want those button eye soothers lol but the makeup, no thanks

  2. I lmao and thought if I got those, and my daughter walked in, she would have quite a fright. 😂

  3. Gene Simmons manages to be both a boor (vulgar, ill-mannered, braggart) AND a great businessman.

  4. The infamous Terry Gross NPR interview with Simmons really drives the point. He is obviously very intelligent, and obviously a total jerk.

  5. Does anybody know what that “Teatime” thing is? I’m trying to find it online but I can’t figure out what it is.

  6. byroe rose tea eye cream thanks to mysocalledmomlife's detective skills

  7. Sometimes you can get shut down if people report your page. Basically they can do it to sabotage you on purpose!

  8. Yeah I actually suspected it with my professional account, because there is another person in my industry that had recently given me a little crap for something she wasn't in charge of, which is also just ridiculous because I am so small time that I am competition for no one lol.

  9. Shit sorry, I can’t even imagine how frustrating it must be. A while back on insta there was this lady that got really popular really fast like from nothing to 2 mill popular and she has a young daughter that she makes/let’s dance and she’s always putting on a live with like a few other men and they are alwAys complimenting the 7/8 y/o daughter on her dancing, I actually found out about her page cuz my sister is always on insta watching lives (mind you that’s how we saw the porn stuff, cuz when you are swiping through they pop up) anyways so it really grossed us out how she pimps out her young daughter to these men that are all between 25-60 and of course we reported her and I got a (we can’t find anything wrong with her page so we aren’t gonna do anything type of reply from insta) the whole thing is a piss off. The stupid part is if you report someone you can’t even actually say why you are reporting someone so like when I reported that lady over her daughter as much as you can click a couple of boxes it still didn’t make sense🤦‍♀️and she’s always doing it🫤I honestly can’t stand it. Sure they care if I swear at someone, it’ll give me “are your sure you want to post this” but it’s fine to pimp out your little children in skimpy clothes, same with TikTok and all these other stupid apps😡

  10. omg gross. I can honestly say that I have never gotten anything wildly inappropriate in reels, but I don't really watch lives. Have only seen a few vintage sales, lol.

  11. So here is my October bag ... its legit the worse minus the ELF balm I picked. Ipsy decided to throw in another balm - thank-you. Also a concealer and bb cream ... why ???? I contacted IPSY and was given $3.50 credit to use in the add-on. I requested to remove one of the balms, haven't heard back. My next move is cancelling but I have a lot of points to use and don't feel like using them on Refreshment items. They do this on purpose ...

  12. fyi the feel is a lip, moisturizer or all over hydrating balm. The ELF is a cleanser, so they are totally different types of products.

  13. Sounds encouraging. Hopefully my HOA is as considerate. Thanks for the answer.

  14. The issues with number of rentals in condos/townhomes is that buyers can not get conventional financing for purchases if the total rentals are above a certain percentage. That's probably why there's such a long waitlist. They are being protective of the values, because when you can't get conventional financing, the values stagnate or drop.

  15. Caveat, I am not a mortgage broker. I've just invested in real estate, and purchased/sold a lot of property. Mortgage rates are determined not just by the economy, but also by risk. If you purchase a home as an investment, to rent, that has more risk for the mortgage provider. These rates are generally higher and require a higher down payment. This is not a judgement on my part, statistically speaking homeowners are less risky to the collateral of the home than renters.

  16. IDK what your budget is, but if packing, towing and hauling are the problem I don't see any trailer being your style or much better. Seems like you'd be better off with a small class A or C that you could just keep packed and jet off when you wanted. Just buy an older one that you can flip if you end up not liking it.

  17. It's too early. Based on your screen shot you ordered on Sept 14. 15 business days from that would be this coming Thursday Oct. 6.

  18. Trying to find sunscreen for my obnoxiously sensitive skin. I’m not sure where you are but I (in US) was looking online and can’t find anywhere reliable to get these. I mean, they’re on Amazon, but not from the original brand all resellers (I think).

  19. I have had zero problems purchasing on Amazon. I just make sure I’m buying from a Japanese seller with good ratings. I think the fear around Amazon is over zealous as long as you use common sense.

  20. Ipsy's bad editor strikes again. Just white balance people lol

  21. This subreddit isn’t set up by ipsy nor is it affiliated with ipsy in any way. I’m sure a few employees are aware of its existence from being on Reddit themselves, but otherwise ipsy couldn’t care less about our lovely little sub. Sucks because I think there’s a ton of useful info for them here.

  22. Yes, I begged them a while bag to have a rep or do an AMA here and I got crickets. 😂

  23. Dang really? That’s disappointing. An AMA wouldve been great, or any acknowledgment really. Thank you for trying :)

  24. A few years ago there was a reddit user that worked at Ipsy, but no one knew what her position was. IDK if she left the company or if she wasn't supposed to post, but she stopped posting.

  25. Ipsy sent me the wrong September bag. My replacement bag had this instead of my choice item which was Tatcha rice wash. I checked and this looks like it is expiring next month. Guess I'll be trying to use it up! I've never used a powder cleanser before.

  26. The tatcha rice wash is really drying, imo. I like the tatcha creams but didn't care for that cleanser. Amore Pacific is an expensive brand, so I think you got a better item, but sorry you didn't get your choice. You could message them about it and they'll prob throw some points your way at least.

  27. Was it a glam bag or an order? It's been 15 business days, so contact Ipsycare and tell them the package hasn't moved and you'd like a replacement or refund.

  28. Turns out the Oryza quad was my "special gift" and a coffee scrub was my other substitute item.

  29. What? Did they refund you for 3 items then? I don’t even see a scrub.

  30. No they refunded me for 2 items apparently. I just have a total of my refund so I don't really know what it was for.

  31. Kim Kardashian wore the original Marilyn Monroe dress to the Met Gala. It was the now iconic dress Marilyn wore when she sang "Happy Birthday" to Kennedy. The dress was made specifically to fit Marilyn like a second skin, as such it didn't fit Kim at all (that's why she has the big white coat with it, because it wouldn't close in the back). People are saying she ruined the dress by stretching it out as she wore it.

  32. Huh ok. Thanks. Idk if I care about that either. I’m all for preserving iconic fashion, and I’m not a kk fan, but looking into it she wore it for a few minutes for met gala publicity and then changed into a repro? I mean I guess idk why she couldn’t wear the repro the whole time anyway, but this controversy doesn’t need to take any space in my brain I think, lol.

  33. The argument I've heard is that (A) even wearing it for a few minutes can seriously fuck up an old garment since it might stretch or bend the wrong way, embellishments might fall off, and it can be really really hard to wash after someone's gotten their sweat, makeup, and skin particles all over it, and (B) a lot of old garments, like paintings, are not meant to be out in direct sunlight anymore, much less under the conditions of a gala. Plus (C) it sets a precedent where other celebrities and rich people may feel as if they can also ask to use similar items because KK got away with it, and it puts these preservationists in a sticky situation because it's hard to say no to someone who's funding you or otherwise offering a lot of money to do so.

  34. Yeah, I get it. I’m just saying I don’t personally have the bandwidth to get worked up over this and I’m sure not it’s such a huge deal that anyone should get irate over it.

  35. Seconding the down duvet! Costco in Canada sells a really really excellent Hutterite down duvet with 725 loft. It's so light, it's like sleeping under a cloud. I felt like a clown spending that much money on a single item, but Jesus tittyfuckin Christ we have slept so soundly every winter since.

  36. After my old down comforter bit the dust, I ordered one from Germany. I really want an eiderdown, but that is never going to happen unless it’s passed down to me and I have no relatives so…

  37. I hate layering so I try to get an outer layer that keeps me warm with minimal under layers. My answer is down. Down duvet the bed, down coat, down jacket or vest. You want over 600 fill. For jacket and coats, higher if you can get it 700-850 fill. When I need to layer, light merino layers and a coat keep me toasty.

  38. I thought they meant the toppers in nd retro. They suck.

  39. Anyone, curious, what's your fave cool-toned palette?

  40. God mine was believe it or not colourpop fame. Sadly discontinued, but I have to say Of Quartz is its spiritual successor. And it’s cheap especially if you have an ultra coupon.

  41. Ah, it's my 'Yeah, I should really skip Plus again' reminder post!

  42. You know I thought I was going to skip but I kind of want that Lys blush. I really want the base bag, but probably not enough to pay the raised price for base considering the spoilers.

  43. I picked the palette for my GB choice item and I like the spoilers well enough, and all so I'll be getting that, but GBP has maybe two things I might want (Lys blush, KVD green liner). There are add-ons I would like, so the most sense for me just might be buying the Fenty Gloss Bomb and maybe the KVD liner if available to buy. I haven't locked it in yet, but by tonight/tomorrow I will.

  44. I almost never buy $12 and $18 add ons lol, not that they're not worth it, but I want them in my bag. I do buy the minis when it's a good deal because I figure buying 4 mini add ons for basically the price of a base bag and picking them all is better. I just can't be arsed to pay a higher price for the full sizes.

  45. do you thinkC holds value better? Might be anecdotal but I see cheaper A gassers..

  46. Also, caveat, I wouldn't buy an RV even considering resale value.

  47. I know they’re all money pits but if one holds value higher it probably means it’s better/more desired which is why i was asking. Definitely not an investment

  48. Yeah I understand, it's just it's all kind of a crapshoot anyway lol.

  49. I'm still really happy with Ipsy and I've been with them off and on for probably about 5 years or so?

  50. Sorry but I don't really buy this. If a seller is turning over so many items that they can't even inspect each item properly, they are mismanaging their business. Hire help or slow your roll so you can actually provide a quality service.

  51. Yes, that is absolute nonsense. I've purchased plenty of vintage clothing through the years, from 20s clothing forward (oh how I wish that we still had the access to 20s-50s clothes like we did when I was young), and not once have I ever purchased from a seller that would not inspect and disclose damage like holes. It is unreasonable for anyone to expect buyers to accept undisclosed serious damage to any items they purchase online, for a seller to describe an item as in "excellent" condition and say oh well it's vintage, I should have known. No. Serious defects are to be described in the listing.

  52. OK I'm going to admit that I got this product and I did use it, and it was pretty good. I was surprised, too.

  53. All right - I was really mad about that "brown lip gloss" in this month's plus, the Full Ritual one. Turns out it's not brown, it's kind of a clear peach and it's so hydrating it makes me look like I got filler after using it for a day. I was wrong. Be surprised. 😂

  54. That Brazilian hair stuff didn’t work for me either, it does absolutely nothing and the bottle leaked. And I agree glow recipe, purlisse, and Yensa!

  55. I know some people like it, but I've gotten a couple of their products and none of them work well for me.

  56. Quince and Co. sells the pattern and the yarn in a bundle for $37. Personally I’d expect to be paid at least $150 for my labour. So round it up to $200 total. Are you willing to pay that much?

  57. Yeah I find patterning like this to be a pita and it always takes a lot longer. It’s a gorgeous hat but it won’t be cheap to have someone else knit that.

  58. And hopefully the pattern is well written!

  59. Oh yes I agree! I actually just got some more of them during this latest Ulta sale 😊

  60. omg this is so wild to me. I like both the rephr brushes and original beauty blender (with the caveat that I personally don't think the brushes are worth full price, I think the concept store price is the right price).

  61. I also haven't been super impressed with my Pat McGrath shadows. They do crease more than average, but also, like... the special shades aren't as mind-blowing as I imagined (although I kind of expected that), but I find that the palettes as a whole are difficult to create full looks with, so I'm always reaching for another palette to build the base of my look. I'm sorry, but I didn't spend over a hundred dollars on eyeshadow just to have to use other palettes to complete my eye look.

  62. Yeah the pmg palettes made me realize that a palette I consider “incomplete” is a pet peeve of mine.

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