1. Guys, I think we just need to be patient. In my opinion, everyone expects way too much of him way too soon. He’ll get there but for now he’s still a new artist and it can be hard to get yourself out there, especially if you’re an independent artist. Remember that it has only been a year since he left JYP. Everyone acts as if he doesn’t wanna release his music, when he has said several times that he wants nothing more - it’s just a matter of how and when.

  2. Yes you're right 😭 Sorry didn't mean to sound pushy... I just really wish we could help more and that we had different ways to engage with his music.

  3. Yea, I get it! The songs we’ve heard are all bangers and I get wanting them as soon as possible, so sorry if i sounded too reprimanding. It just bugs me a little everyone’s so impatient. Personally, I feel like it’s a little hard to push anything right now since he doesn’t have a lot of music out, but I’m sure that if we’re just patient and wait it’ll all come together in time - even if it takes a little longer than we had hoped. edit: typo.

  4. yes, i definitely feel you. to be honest, i only really interact or try to make friends with mydays who explicitly state that they are ot5. otherwise i mostly interact with jars. i just find that a lot of ot4 mydays are really hateful, so i’d rather not risk it.

  5. i think people, me included, are being “dramatic” as you said because they have become attached to the songs and are sad they’ll now never be released - at least not as jae’s songs. that doesn’t mean we can’t can’t see it’s probably a clever decision, especially if he’s a little down on money atm.

  6. day6 - the concert would last for 6 days. maybe a tad exhausting but sounds fun.

  7. it is so good and i am so proud of him. seeing his old tweets of offering to do a song for them for free made me a bit teary eyed knowing he now, in fact, has a song for them.

  8. i must admit i haven’t listened to their entire discography, but i honestly prefer seulgi’s solo work over red velvet’s.

  9. Lære at se lidt mere positivt på tingene. Jeg har i mange år døjet med psykiske problemer såsom angst og depression og jeg kan mærke at det bare har fået mig til altid at se glasset som halvt tomt og jeg bliver irriteret på mig selv over at jeg aldrig har noget positivt at sige, når jeg snakker med mine venner.

  10. i use them exactly like that, actually. they’re very comforting to squeeze and play with when i’m feeling anxious.

  11. I want to start using my petit pil like that but im too afraid to lose him

  12. maybe you could attach him to a bag or something, if you want to have him with you when you’re out. i personally only keep mine at home and they have a set space in my flat, so i can always find them.

  13. Det skifter lidt hvor ofte jeg ser mine tætte venner. I perioder ser jeg dem en gang om ugen, mens der også er perioder, hvor der kan gå mere end en måned. Et par af os er stadig studererende, mens et par er kommet i arbejde, så jeg ser hende der også stadig studerende oftere end jeg de andre. Selvfølgelig ville jeg ønske jeg så dem noget oftere, men sidst vi sås var i starten af December til noget jule tamtam, så det er okay. Jeg er 27.

  14. reading stuff like this makes me so happy. he’s truly amazing.

  15. my top eaj songs have changed in the sense that i can no longer choose my top eaj songs because they’re all so good.

  16. a lot of these kids act as if people in their late 20s are on the brink of death or something which is funny when so many idols are around the same age.

  17. The person you were replying to was treating him like a human being! But the moment it's even slightly "negative" its considered bullying to you. This person s pointing out the fact that he still does this, its a cycle where he harrasses other people then people call him out, then he blames his mental health issues. If its only one or two times, we get it. But if it keeps on happening? harassing minors? People are allowed to call him out.

  18. Keeps happening? What are you even on about? I don’t expect you to keep following him if you don’t like him, but don’t go around spreading misinformation. Yes, he said problematic things in the past but that was more than a year ago. He’s done nothing but apologising and growing as a person this entire year.

  19. jae is such a strong person. i’m so glad he chose to stay with us.

  20. I loved it so much! He’s such a great performer and it was obvious that he was enjoying every moment. I laughed at him disappearing into the crowd to say hi to fans and the security guards having to run after him - it’s such a Jae thing to to do.

  21. Hvis jeg skal være helt ærlig, så alt for sjælendt - specielt på den her tid af året. Jeg er en frossenpind og har bare ikke særlig meget lyst til at åbne vinduer, når jeg allerede går og fryser.

  22. car crash was my number one song and eaj was my third most played artist!

  23. Personligt hilser jeg altid først, men det er bare en vane, jeg har fra da jeg selv arbejdede som kassedame. Det synes jeg også var rart, fordi man så blev anerkendt som mennesker.

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