1. What sets apart Fotonight web from Frutiger Aero, Besides Chinese text? I think that’s what we’re trying to figure out here

  2. Id say its a more abstract fever dreamy version of frutiger aero from what im seeing. Kinda like a mix between frutiger aero and a yabujin video if you know who that is. Get the nature and the glossy icons and stuff but also make it feel like a fever dream you had in like 2008.

  3. It was freaky as hell I got a voice acting job at disney and i was gonna do the voice for this big purple fish character but for some reason the disney studio was on some inside job type shit where it was some undeeground secret base and they had aliens and nuclear weapons and shit.

  4. Can you share the video with the comparisons i want know what people in the comments are saying, just to see if theres anything interesting.

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