Driver of the Day: Lewis Hamilton

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  1. Insane drive from Hamilton. He almost wanted to give up but the team told him to keep going and +10 points for him at the end.

  2. I'm glad I'm not seeing so much "he's such a complainer" comments anymore. Anyone in his position in that moment would want to retire. Hell, even I in a sim race would strongly consider retiring there, and he's an F1 driver. The pit wall did their job and gave him the reassurance he needed to continue so good on them.

  3. You always know when Lewis has had an otherworldly performance when he wins DOTD. Well deserved.

  4. I honestly would have loved to see how it played out if it was George AND Lewis defending both of the Bulls. Shame lap 1 played out the way it did, but Lewis with one of his signature comeback drives, yet again. Totally deserved DotD today.

  5. Butterfly effect and all considered, this would be a Merc 1-2 if HAM didn't tangle with MAG lap 1

  6. Ok the /#Blessed has officially been transferred to George

  7. Interesting, I’ve never felt anything was off in iRacing, maybe I’ve felt too far back in a few cars but that’s a quick fix, I race with an original Reverb and have previously had a Rift S and Lenovo explorer.

  8. How did you adjust feeling too far back in a car? Whenever I adjust the camera and hit the "reset HMD" button I end up right back in the default position

  9. not sure if you're joking, but he was actually incredibly professional to acknowledge his mistake and apologize. Nobody's perfect. Slamming people who apologize for making mistakes just encourages others to deflect criticism in the future..

  10. I agree. You don't get this kind of apology from journos often so I commend him for it.

  11. audio keeps cutting in and out on the international broadcast on f1tv

  12. I actually quit a years long love affair with weed because I realized it made me a worse driver. Any one that says it helps them is probably lying to themselves.

  13. Why? He was along side and earned some space. OP squeezed him on purpose and it went wrong. It’s 100% on OP. OP just continued to move left when the white car was along side. Had he listened to his spotter probably repeatedly saying “still there”, this probably wouldn’t have happened.

  14. Yea you're describing the first contact. The second contact is instead the white car moving into his lane and pitting him.

  15. Soon as a I saw Foster was reffing I knew how this was gunna go

  16. I wouldn't drop that. You might accidently show that Hamilton isn't the Saint you think he is lmao

  17. I really like Mick. I'm not going to judge him for 2021 as the car was awful, but this year Zhou is doing better than Mick.

  18. A lot was made of Mick's consistency being the reason he won the F2 title. It could be argued that Zhou had that same consistency, but with much worse luck.

  19. Gasly'd rather give up his position than overtake Max

  20. This comment reminded me of something: "Is it better to live as a monster, or die as a good man?"

  21. You absolutely could make it faster and probably for cheaper than what he spent. Obviously didn't hire the right people. I'd go to the Monster Jam folks, those things are fast as shit.

  22. Hey Lando, big fan. It seems that Max has dove head first into iRacing with Team Redline, but I noticed you hadn't as much. Is there a reason for this? Continuing on that, what do you see the future as sim racing being? More serious or is it just a video game?

  23. Kimmo didn't deserve a cup based on his performance that playoff run.

  24. Wait wait.. are you telling me comedy is… gasp subjective?! No! It can’t be possible!

  25. SNL is subjectively, objectively, any-jectively unfunny.

  26. Hell yeah bro, I'm thriving off these SNL simps' downvotes.

  27. I’m pretty sure cash is king is actually vettels quote that he said quietly and Hamilton repeated for everyone to hear.

  28. It's both their quotes. Vettel said it first, Hamilton had the courage to say it out loud to the media.

  29. I thought he was sarcastic at first but hearing the radio it sounded genuine.

  30. I think he was asking because only 19 cars started? But I have no idea.

  31. https://twitter.com/ScottFeinberg/status/1508273120473325573?t=XPaUI6mP2-sOBaLgqoPRQA&s=19

  32. Who's the next person to talk to him after Denzel?

  33. Bruh do not put me on stage like that, ever. Even if I insist.

  34. Both Max and Leclerc really seemed to fly through the double yellows too, bouncing over the kerbs...

  35. They both did 31.7s on the last lap. For reference, fastest lap was 31.6. No chance they adequately slowed.

  36. Yes, it's crazy how jarring statistics can be when they are false.

  37. Point me in the direction of not false stats because I'm dying to know.

  38. I've read that article before, have you? It contains nothing that contradicts what I previously stated about her ranking jumping.

  39. It doesn't excuse anything. You do not brake check opponents. Period. End of story. Trying to justify it is absolutely insane.

  40. I love how Max fans just completely dismiss context as if it doesn't matter. Max had on the prior laps tried the exact same shit he was trying again which was a half assed attempt to "give back" the position.

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