1. Downgrade from Direct X12 to dx11. If that doesn't work, downgrade your GPU-driver. It's an issue with certain graphics cards.

  2. Update: I used the app on Monday just to see where it could take me, it was a void in another town across the bridge. 7 mins away. My intention was “The truth” because a close friend overdosed and died early June. Yesterday (Tuesday) I hung out with my friend who needed to grab something from her friends house. Yep, I’m sure you can tell where this story is going.

  3. Instead of freaking out, use the power to predict the future and control the universe (lol). An app to control the matrix, like neo.

  4. Kinda yellow, but I can see the power in your product. Congrats.

  5. Try smoking in a bong. Mix the DMT with tabaco or weed and try not to burn directly the dmt, for me it always works.

  6. this is a crayon drawing named Corkscrew Corridor made in 1959

  7. do you have a link to download the image or a posible description of this?

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