Man Raises Parrots From Birth, They Are Extremely Imprinted to Him

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  1. I work 20-30 hours and am salaried assuming 40. To be honest I am phoning it in. I just don't have the capacity to work 40 hours with a toddler and a new pregnancy.

  2. We talked about Port Angeles for years. We’re just terrified that staying will mean more gun violence in schools and more politicians coming to prominence on anti LGBTQ platforms. Florida (where my mother and father live) has made it all but illegal for gay families to live there while their children are in school. There has to be a country in the world where we won’t have to worry about that.

  3. Come to Seattle. Most liberal place I've ever lived. And Canada is nearby if you want to make long-term plans for citizenship.

  4. STM and honestly - second trimester energy is real. It comes back. But when the baby is born you will know this level of exhaustion PLUS not actually being able to take the naps. Or sleep at night.

  5. I don't have a perfect solution, but I have been through the same thing. We don't have other cats, but our indoor cat would attack us, including our toddler. We tried everything and ultimately had to re-home her.

  6. Just as an FYI, I recently had to Google "how much ginger is too much" and there is a limit. And it was lower than I had hoped.

  7. Love Ten Little. We've been buying them every couple of months as we size up. All but 1 pair is still in good enough shape to pass down to the next sibling.

  8. Our girl climbed out at 2. We took the side off her crib the next day, didn't get any kind of railing, but had a soft mat (

  9. ICU Nurse.. it was the end of my shift and I just had a long discussion with family at the bedside about the patient (outlook was very grim) and one of the elderly family members said “thank you” as I was leaving the room. My mouth started to say “your welcome” but my brain wanted to say “no problem” and it FOR SOME REASON came out as “your mom” 🤦🏼‍♀️.

  10. I broke my mom's jade plant while rough-housing with the dog as a kid. It's the most "disappointed in me" she's ever been. Felt like I broke a thousand-dollar vase instead of a plant.

  11. We just bought our first house this winter, nearly doubling what we were paying in rent. We're also looking forward to "no more daycare" days and about 2 lean years in the meantime!

  12. With my last pregnancy I ate sooo many cans of pears. Didn't want fresh. I have not had that craving before or since, but damn I remember how good they were.

  13. Share the link? I'm having a hard time encouraging what you mean. But I am SO burpy this pregnancy.

  14. Mine look like this and usually grow back from the bottom. Once I see new shoots, I cut back the dead branches. Not sure if this is ‘proper’ way to do it, but I’ve done it for 2 years now and it’s worked.

  15. Thanks! I will resist ripping them out for another month. Fingers crossed! Do you do anything in the fall to help your mums winter over?

  16. He has no legal right to be there. It's a medical procedure on YOUR body. Divorced or not, tell the doctor/nurse that he is not welcome and they will ask him to leave/call security if necessary.

  17. I work in high demanding consulting engineering. My kid will just not let me be. It was different before she was mobile but once she was mobile I can't just let her be. Most people who do both, likely don't have a very demanding job OR put in less effort in the job and get away with it OR are absolutely miserable.

  18. OR they have extremely chill children. One of my friends has a baby who is indistinguishable from a potato most of the time. Just likes to sit quietly.

  19. The issue is creating excess waste by optimizing convenience, e.g., single use containers.

  20. You mentioned that your younger siblings still live with your stepdad - where is your mom? Who do you live with?

  21. how many weeks in are you ? either your belly hasn’t grown enough yet to keep the pants up or the jeans are too big. I swapped jeans in the end for leggings or a maternity dress with tights, much less wriggling and readjusting

  22. My leggings definitely stay up better than my jeans, so maybe it's a tightness thing!

  23. Except the girls wouldn't be getting any of the money.

  24. Unless things have changed, the troop does get a portion of the money which we used to spend on camping trips.

  25. Yup can’t be hanging out with the peons anymore. There is a famous entertainer that grew up in my hometown. I never met them but I’ve heard from multiple people who were friends with them growing up and it’s all crickets. Said entertainer never even steps foot in the town they grew up in. It’s a weird thing with humans to not want to associate with classes that are “beneath” them. It’s super weird to me how someone can just give up their roots just because they moved classes.

  26. I mean, just talking about myself (who is not famous or wealthy) but I don't talk to anybody I grew up with either. I moved away and made new friends. It's not malicious, I'm just not connected to my hometown.

  27. Yes! “Lose them how you found them” is what my auntie used to tell me.

  28. Jesus. I met my husband hiking. Is he just gonna walk off into the woods someday?

  29. Perhaps it's a cultural divide, but I definitely don't think all kissing is sexual. There are many different types of affection and ways to express it

  30. They meant that birds interpret it differently. Birds have different hormones triggered by different behaviors than people.

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