1. I enjoyed 2-4 the most, weirdly enough. Fire Sea being my favorite.

  2. Lol, I remember fire sea was so vivid to me as a child I had to put the book down a few times because it was such a scary, sad, doomed world. Heh, then I remember daring myself to read more pages. :p

  3. Yes dog the dog. Great stuff. And zifnab who breaks reality a bit giving you a glimpse into the fact that the world before the sundering was probably ours. Great stuff for a young reader like me.

  4. It has been driving me bonkers because I haven’t been able to place how Lucius seems so familiar to me. This post was like the biggest lightbulb going off in my brain!

  5. Upticking wasn't enough to show how much I agree and relate with/to this statement.

  6. Bold of you to assume I hadn't already seen this months ago when I was desperately grasping for any Con O'Neill-related content on YouTube I could find (there had barely been any until recently).

  7. I think he's one of the several actors that will see their career explode(giggidy) after this show. I mean, Izzy, Lucius, Frenchie, Oluwande, Jim, Roach, even Fang I hadn't ever heard of before, and were so good I can't imagine casting agents NOT exploding their voicemails.

  8. Your colouring how warm you made that wonderful moment! Just a little side: this show made me come out in my 40s, specifically this moment(and 'the touch), and your interpretation just injected a little hope in this old, newly queer, person! Thanks!

  9. Great list. I couldn't finish Hyperion 20 years ago, I hated it. Now it's epicly unique. Also: Did you know a Shrike is a type of bird that leaves it's insect prey impaled on needles/sharp things? Oh, some of the imagery in that book creeped me out in the good way. :p

  10. Oh I loved it, as I didn't read the rest of the series until I enjoyed my second Dune readthrough. Man, it's been long enough that I think I'm due for a re-read!

  11. Semi-related, if you like hearing Con's voice he did a podcast/audio thriller story that's very good! It's called "A Kiss in the Dark" and I enjoyed it quite a bit!

  12. I love them both but yes I absolutely loved everything Con had to say! We are so lucky with such a great cast, it's incredible!

  13. Makes sense, thanks. Friggin' awesome cast, and friggin' awesome fandom this is!!!

  14. Thank youuuuu! Buttons basking in moonglow will forever be my guide.

  15. Had to look it up. 'War of the spider queen' is the name of the series. Loved it.

  16. If it's less than 40 I'm going to be disappointed.

  17. Omg, true. Thanks. Mum always gets me in trouble for my less/fewer stumbles, haha.

  18. heehee, I'm just teasing. Plus I wanted to see if I was possible to get downvoted in this freakin' awesome sub. :P

  19. I debate myself what my favorite line from the show is and it always comes back to "Hey dipshit."

  20. For me it's Nadia discribing how saying Jeff's name is like a weak ejaculation. Gets me every time.

  21. Some of the most racist and vile people I’ve ever met played EU4 so my answer is maybe.

  22. bwahahaha. Gotta tell ya something. I'm surprised, in a good way, at just how decent(and fucking HILARIOUS) the sub has been on this post so far. :p

  23. When you study ethics and learn the differences between ethics and morals, the Aztecs are sometimes used as a classroom example. You see, human sacrifice to them was honoring the gods. From their perspective, it was not only moral, it was demanded or they could have a drought and famine. From the western perspective, we have an entirely different moral view on ritual sacrifice.

  24. WELL put. I felt my brain growing just from reading this, thanks for the perspective.

  25. Hmm this might be your experience but it really aint mine.

  26. What mods are YOU running? I expect my ruler to die under the age of 40 about a quarter of the time.

  27. I dont run any mods. They usually just dont die i guess..

  28. Well, either the eu4 gods love you, or hate me. Or, if I'm honest, maybe my pessimist brain remembers the early deaths a little too strongly. :P

  29. That’s Michael Caine circa 1960 and Karl Marx, I believe

  30. Ah yes, I thought they looked familiar, thank you. I've been too busy in my Ecclesiastical Latin studies to keep up with such current celebs.

  31. Dammit no. But every single time I get it until the end of time now? Yes. Jerk. :p

  32. Great. Thanks. Now I can only read his name in the Swedish Chef's voice. Jerk.

  33. I'll just take the advice from your name and last comment and Blaze a bud. :p

  34. OMG! I just want to HUG that little Roach! I don't care if he'll probably go all 'Chucky' on me with that knife, afterall, it's just a dream!

  35. or someone just chucked the dead bird overboard while everything was chaos.

  36. How dare you?!? I shall not entertain, even for a moment, such an atrocity!

  37. I'm with you on this. It's so easy to include the full name at least once. Plus the excessive acronym usage seems especially common with those with a bit of a limited catalog to rec in the first place.

  38. See, if I saw that sans context, I would assume you got some breadcrumbs on your keyboard and your pet bird was cleaning them up.

  39. I think I'm 3/6/5. Assuming Putin is a 1 as reference for Mil, the hardest to guess. I hate admin in real life, but I'm pretty good when I have to.

  40. That being said, if you add a ck3 mechanic, I'd be dead from stress in about a year.

  41. I gotta think Putin is at least a 1 in mil, so compared to him us commoners could very well be better, just because part of mil would be surrounding yourself with good advisors and listening to them.

  42. THANK YOU for writing the GD name of the GD book they were talking about! Though I did find it amusing hearing all the false acronyms.

  43. It does get pretty dang dark, so do keep that in mind if you want pure trashy erotica. Proceed with caution if you aren't cool with violence/death.

  44. If it makes you feel any better, I am convinced that sky mantas are the next big thing. Goodbye sky whales, hello sky mantas!

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