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  1. ohh shitttt. Our boy, who is half goldendoodle is the runt of his litter.

  2. I’d say probably 45-50 lbs. he really got heavier after a year!

  3. Ahh OK, our boy is 38lbs at the moment! HE is shooting up though!

  4. I mean, electronic music had "digital hardcore" which was basically electronic punk.

  5. My doodle does this (one set further, we've accidently trained him to sit as well), he wants to meet EVERYONE. He feels like he's doing the world a disservice if he does meet them.

  6. Hopefully! My poodle did this when he was an adult as well but my parents didn’t know enough about dog training to see it as what it was and in his case, it WAS aggression. That’s why I’m just a little paranoid! But my mom sent him to a kennel for training and he was never the same after that (I was 8, I don’t know what happened there but in hindsight the huge shift in behavior makes it pretty clear they abused him), so that might have been where the aggression really came from, not just seeing dogs/people.

  7. Yeah, kennel training could be anything. I don't trust it myself, it's not for us.

  8. We also had fees which our puppy got from a hedgehog in our garden. We went to our vet and she got her pill against flees and ticks and they went away in the week after that. Then we just washed everything and now everything is good again. The pill kills any flees after biting and with no host near anymore they all died. It was called BravEcto (1000 MG Fluralaner)

  9. I spoke to my vet and they said they recommended another on skin treatment but not for a few weekends, unfortunately. This pill thing sounds much better!

  10. I'm 6 months in, of course, the pup still takes up a lot of my time but my god it is night and day. Having our little boy in day care a few times a week changed everything for us, we were able to get a tired pup and not a hellish demon.

  11. I mean, I've not been proactively an SEO for a few years now (mostly a digital marketing generalist now) but I've been around since 2006 and I have never heard of this before.

  12. You mean Karl Malone the pedophile rapist? The one who got a 13 year old pregnant and then never had anything to do with the kid until 25 years later?

  13. Not excusing it but jazz was a pretty problematic general. Miles Davis beat his wife, Chet Baker was abusive as well, Art Pepper was a rapist, Bix Beiderbecke was a paedo, Sidney Bechet shot someone...etc

  14. Apparently there are some in London!! I'm too nervous to take my tiny dog but friends with dogs go all the time.

  15. Londoner here. We were up in Blackheath once and met this lovely older couple who said there is one which well policed (by owners) in Lee.

  16. I know what you mean. I had this when I was working from home at first. It only got better when I enforced naps, and honestly, when I just ignored him. He ended up playing by himself or resting. It felt cruel but, I made sure I slipped in some "play breaks" into the afternoon,

  17. I have to say, the PvP is why I got into ESO in the first place as I was a big Guild Wars 2 WvWvW player and I LOVED THAT.

  18. I take my 5 month labradoodle out for a 40-50 minute morning walk (and then a couple of in house play sessions throughout the day). It was only when we started ignoring the advice on how much exercise a dog should have per month of age, did we get a much more managable puppy. We tried to puzzle feeders, games etc, they were completed in seconds, nothing would tire him out...we took him to day care once, BOOM he was quiet and lovely. High energy means high energy!

  19. Yeah although you’re enjoying this now, walking a dog that young that much means their threshold for getting tired will only continue to increase. I made that mistake once and ended up with an adult dog that needed 4+ hours of intense exercise everyday to not destroy my house. Now, if you have that time, then by all means go for it. But assuming this is a normal household pet and you need to hold down a job, much better to enforce naps than create an Olympic athlete of a dog.

  20. I saw another thread and they suggested you just wait till it happens and reward. I myself haven't got to that point. My pup has pee'd outside twice, pooped outside much more. It's weird that he'll poop on a walk, but soon as we get home he'll dart for the puppy pad.

  21. Mobile only player here. I don't PvP at all, never really noticed any lagging issues. I see people moan about this all the time. Is this because I'm always running around low player count servers?

  22. If you need it, you need it. People are always going to judge, but you know what? Fuck'um. They don't know your struggle. I've considered a walking stick loads of times.

  23. I assumed it was slang for money. As Cheddar is old slang for money.

  24. Not OP but I asked around until I found a breeder that just has his two family pets (the poodle and the non poodle) with a gigantic ranch for them to run around and be happy dogs. They were genetically tested and had great personalities. Puppies were well socialized and raised in the home, etc. Overall great setup. So as long as you’re able to get over the “but but but doodles aren’t AKC certified” there’s plenty of great doodle breeders out there! Wonderful dogs. Definitely popular for a reason!

  25. I hear you on this but maybe be less quick to judge? I got my first puppy when I was in my late 20s and did not know any better. Was also following advice given from a lot of what I now know to be terrible advice from well intentioned friends and family. Some of that advice (like pronged choke collars) was given to them from actual dog trainers. I had the best of intentions, loved my dog like he was my child, was very dedicated to training (to the point I would cry tears every day out of frustration) and yet was doing a bunch of things so completely wrong. Most people are just doing the best they can with the information they have under the circumstances they are in

  26. Here here! You get so much bad advice from people and the internet.

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