1. and Trump won due to individual voters rather than then the number of votes they each cast.

  2. Nope they are horrid, and own brand ones are just as good as Heinz.

  3. They remain stored. You can even open the entry (for editing) and copy the TOTP key to another app. You just don't get TOTP token generation as a free member.

  4. I forgot to renew for a couple of months and the only thing for me tat stopped working (IIRC) was logging in with my Yubikey.

  5. That makes sense, except the confirmation email says the delivery address will now be the wrong one :(

  6. The exception of course is if a redelivery request has been made. You didn't accidentally do this when paying the fee did you?

  7. I didn’t go to any new pages, just filled out the information they required me to fill, which included the address I wanted it to post to (which is when I input the wrong thing)! I don’t know if this counts as a redelivery request?

  8. and before 1948 and it was a paid service unless there was a voluntary hospital in the area.

  9. The Oxford dictionary definition of expat does not mention work at all. Neither it be short time. Sooooooooo they just as well be called migrant workers. Lots of the time expat feels like a way for white people or westerners to not be called migrants. Because for some people that's bad or something.

  10. Not sure exactly how it works but I'm guessing you'd get to the interview and have to say you don't have a right to work there yet so would probably not get the job on that basis.

  11. I'm surprised this wasn't a question on the application form?

  12. Tea has less caffeine than you probably think, and we drink less tea than you probably think.

  13. As others have said, we don’t actually drink that much and we tend to stop drinking it quite early. It’s now 7:20 pm and I’ve just finished my 10th mug, it’ll be my last mug of tea for the day.

  14. That the gay scene is just a toxic, cliquey meat market and not required.

  15. Unless it's a GP because any sort of meeting with a GP is like gold dust.

  16. Perhaps their doctor was still eating their cornflakes and they were left playing with the stethoscope?

  17. I do, and I think he's a twat. I see his twat face all over the place in the free local paper, in fliers, in local social media, and once in real life. I'm way more familiar with his voting habits and opinions than I want to be.

  18. It is, the problem is it's spoken about a lot online but it's still a fairly niche market. Years ago I thought W3W was going to solve everyones problems with location, it's so simple, but it barely seems to have gained any ground.

  19. There was a time when the control centres had access to OS maps and knew how to look up a grid reference.

  20. I'm convinced if you put higher price on it, some of these numpties would still hoover them up as long as they had the prized yellow sticker on them. :rollseyes

  21. Then you get the websites with character limitations, but don't tell you there is, let alone what they are, and god forbid you forget to remove that space at the end of your email address!

  22. Really it's union action, i.e. them supporting there members. However I'm sure they would welcome your support, but action like picket lines are really for the members to express themselves.

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