1. [H] $0.33-0.335/100 credit Crypto/Skrill/Bank transfer/Cash app/Paypal [W] Credits - Negotiable

  2. [H] $0.33-0.335/100 credit Crypto/Skrill/Bank transfer/Cash app/Paypal [W] Credits - Negotiable

  3. [H] $0.33-0.335/100 credit Crypto/Skrill/Bank transfer/Cash app/Paypal [W] Credits - Negotiable

  4. 28 years ago, 29th November 1994, president of Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin had issued an ultimatum to "warring factions" in Chechnya, demanding they lay down their arms, under a threat of direct military intervention.

  5. Perhaps there wouldn't be so many of those if Russia focused on its own country's issues instead of invading and bullying its neighbours

  6. The top one is wasting food and the bottom one is wasting food in a funny way

  7. how to fix that on Binance desktop app? had attempted numerous methods yet still failed...

  8. ☑️Clear the cache and cookies of your web browser and try again.

  9. Sorry, when does he let Lee die? I haven’t played the first game in a bit so I don’t remember that scene haha

  10. It happens in the beginning of episode 3 if you try to save Larry

  11. It’s so out of character for Kenny to kill himself whilst having something to fight for. He was the one who gave the speech about not giving up after Katjaa killed herself

  12. Well yeah, but years passed since then. People change and he suffered more since then

  13. Backstory on the battle for Snake Island

  14. No wonder they are surprised, French would've surrendered by now

  15. There’s a Walker behind those bins Lee.

  16. Rick telling Sophie to hide instead of keeping her close to him

  17. Yes! And for only TWO walkers, wasn't it? Couldn't he just have killed them? I know they were still relatively new at killing walkers, but he could have outwalked them with her. What was that - I had to draw them off?

  18. He was worried the two walkers will get to the highway and attract the big herd of walkers with their noise

  19. I don't know where to begin. With Peter being there or with the fact that this implicates he's the one about to be stuffed

  20. No, there is an event coming up that gives kudos for certain times, and if you get a low enough time, you get a nickname.

  21. Loll, his special respect for Carl..from the first interaction, Negan called him the future serial killer haha

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