1. WiFi, you mean you in home network router's wifi?

  2. if it's ok with you, and if you wish to continue this discussion, i'd like to narrow the talking points. What ever I don't bring up, or you don't bring up, will not be considered that we're conceding or hiding from defending our points.

  3. instead of stating that gun laws should be more restrictive in how easy it is for one to get a gun and have all the gun supporters responding with a lot of passion....

  4. I think there would be a lot more support from gun owners if legislators weren't so disingenuous about pursuing gun control. Right now, 95% of their agenda is straight lies. Does a handle make a gun into a "mass murder" device? No, it doesn't, and they know it. Do "large capacity" magazines actually impact mass shootings in any way? No, because acquiring aim takes a lot longer than changing a magazine in vast majority of scenarios. They know it.

  5. if you provided a source for this, it would be be a vast improvement .

  6. cancel culture would be the most discussed and hated perceived threat to freedom,

  7. learn to handle, and kick, with your non-dominate foot.

  8. Kind a like getting mad at him for being a troll when it doesn’t affect your life like you just said 😂

  9. A lot of assumptions? It was one assumption kid, which is why you got so defensive 😂 practice what you preach

  10. "Ok guys, i know you're all excited and it's kind of crowded in here but, to say this for the 5th time, you need to wear a condom. You don't need to put it on now, but at least put it on when you're next in line"

  11. "you need to put a condom on that thing, if you want it anywhere near me"

  12. somebody doesn't know the full extent of the opiod epidemic in the US, lol!

  13. And they have narcotics anonymous and alcoholics anonymous and sex addicts anonymous at Churches.

  14. Uhm... the first one is something I struggle with all the time, and I'm a man.

  15. Tampons shouldn't be free, that is absurd. Cheaper maybe, sure. But free? Hell no. Like what, should toilet paper be free too then?

  16. So what you are telling me is that it was government services, medical treatment, and housing?

  17. you gotta subscribe to my financial advice course for the homeless.

  18. just to point out the major contributors to the reduction of homelessness:

  19. just to point out, the VA has had severe reduction in homelessness

  20. Agreed. With books that are open for the public to scrutinize.

  21. They were saved before they even instituted private property, how is it possible to say that private property helped save the pilgrims at all?

  22. i think you're not actually processing the comments/responses you're reading.

  23. The Pilgrims instituted the private property farming system in 1623

  24. i'm not disagreeing that accounting for full context, that the native americans were the ones to save the pilgrams

  25. major props! i actually couldnt' decide if you were one, or the other, untill i read the title.

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