1. The king must have still been a prince when this was built.

  2. I'm not. Read my post again. A prefatory clause does not restrain or burden an operative clause.

  3. This is very debatable and has been many times. I'm sure the only reason there was a 2nd amendment was for militia reasons. We don't have those anymore.

  4. So if I said to you "A well-regulated library, being necessary to the education of a free state, the right of the people to keep and read books, shall not be infringed", you would interpret that as only people in libraries get to keep and read books?

  5. Were you born in the 1700's? There is plenty of debate on this because of the language back then and the batshit crazy idea that they wanted "everybody" to have guns for reasons other than for a militia.

  6. These used to grow out of my little brother's ears.

  7. The farm can be a lonely place at night.

  8. You need to be more aggressive when they do this and shut them down.

  9. I don't unless company is coming over. We all know that they all check to see if your bed is made.

  10. And while they're at it - have them name two cities that are the same distance apart in miles as the last 4 of their social security number.

  11. We all should have gotten off our asses while in the womb and made damn sure we were born to rich parents.

  12. After 18 they can do what they want but while they live with me I won't allow them to be in a cult.

  13. And they infiltrated our homes without a fight.

  14. Tucker Carlson told me that Hunter Biden is piloting it. lol

  15. You say that now but will it work after 9 PM?

  16. Isn't the office a work site? If not what the hell are you doing?

  17. And his parents wanted him to be a lawyer. He showed them.

  18. Ben, you have zero idea what is going on behind the scenes. I'm sure that doesn't matter to you. Outraging old people for followers is all you're after.

  19. When I was having a tough time after heart surgery and just having my cat come to the room and stay with me really helped. Pets are great blood pressure reducers.

  20. I'm curious and ask a lot of questions.

  21. I think I'd prefer to move into his house. It's probably a little better than mine.

  22. The total mistrust of vaccines for no good reason. People just got them my entire life trusting that no one was trying to kill them.

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