AITA for leaving a trip early because of my girlfriend’s “prank”?

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  1. Hi! I am a single mom and work as a paraeducator for a school district. The hours are 8-3pm, and work out great for me

  2. I clean houses. 10 years now, with my own biz. I make $200-$300 a day, part time, flexible. It’s hard work but worth it.

  3. What, no cheese? Scrimping on the tax😂

  4. You know he’s gonna get the last bite of crust with cheese to make it 👌

  5. Seriously, YTA. You couldn't let him have one weekend with his friends? And he wasn't that far away if something came up. Keep being controlling, and you'll chase him back to his previous town for good.

  6. You literally had him move close to your family and get a new job so they’d be there to support you so why couldn’t he have a weekend?

  7. Can confirm - fortunately I do not have most of the diseases my patients do. I’ve never had a kidney stone or a heart attack or cancer. I still manage to empathize with and treat them.

  8. I mean no disrespect at all. I’m saying this comes from the unfortunate and sometimes irrational triggers of fear from abuse.

  9. I agree if there is an irrational fear or a preference for a specific gender that is fine.

  10. Correct but people in those fields usually have a personal reason why they’re there and I think OP is assuming the same.

  11. That’s their name because of their coat color. They’re also called African Wild dogs but they’re more closely related to wolves. They’re their own genus

  12. You mean the zoo didn't spray em up with spray paint? Isn't that why flamingos are pink? And the penguins with yellow hair on their heads didn't go to a salon to get a dye job?

  13. Yeah i would think they were both dead by the time Denis dropped the kids off, because if the parents were alive but needed to leave the kids then why not leave them with their many relatives. Denis likely had no idea of their relatives because the couple said very little about their personal life to even their friends, but he would have know they were Spanish so dropped them off in a public place in spain.

  14. It also said they were volatile and she hit people but also the dad beat her. Him using that excuse of “she doesn’t love them anymore” instead of literally anything else unfortunately leads me to think he might’ve killed her in a fight and just decided he didn’t want kids anymore.

  15. Thank you; this looks really good but his face is ..too soft? Im unsure how to describe it. But thank you

  16. Please let me know if you want to make other changes

  17. Thank you; this is really good. Is is possible to remove the items from the table and ledge? Rocks glass, breast pump, speaker and box against far right wall?

  18. I was gonna pluck the eyes off the larger ones, skin them, boil, mash and dehydrate into flakes. Plant the rest 😅

  19. He’s a twin?! How very sad. They’ll either be apart for the rest of their lives now or enmeshed forever

  20. Or they could both do the job part-time. Have you seen the movie The Prestige?

  21. Yes; that’s kinda what I was considering when I thought of enmeshed

  22. My stepmom did this. My mom and her grew up as best friends and they both met my dad as teenagers. My dad slept with and got my mom pregnant, I was born, and then he left her for my stepmom who subsequently also had a child; all before they left high school. My dad and her made a little family while she was a SAHM and I sometimes visited on weekends and she hated me because I was “too much like my mother”. Her whole family hated me and she would whine and cry if my dad tried to include me in things or take me to stuff without all her other kids. I only remember one time I was alone with my dad; I was like 13 and we were at Walmart. He bought me an anklet for my birthday and she lost her shit when we got home and threw plates at him for selfishly not considering his other children. Yakno… that lived with him and he took care of literally every single day.

  23. I thought this was a video and waited way too long for a nail to fall

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