1. Cat wipes! I try to use wipes that are soothing or have oatmeal/aloe and with mild scents. You can honestly find them at any pet shops or stores w pet materials. I tend to just go to a Ross or TJ Maxx cause they’re cheap there and I can get a huge pack for 5-7 bucks.

  2. I get that you’re trying to find answers and learn more about non-binary/outside of gender binary people and lesbianism, but every reply of yours in the screenshots is argumentative. You can either be willing to learn and have a discussion or argue your point of non-binary people can’t be lesbians you can’t have both 🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. I get where you are coming from, but I have only provided sceeen shots of my argument with one person (who by chance is a Mod). Plenty of other people commented and I didn’t have any unpleasant interactions with them. Unfortunately, until I asked that question, I didn’t even know that non-binary people aren’t genderless, or not all of them are. Again, I can see how I come off as argumentative or defensive, but it was an interaction with one person, who when I refuted a point she made, became ratty with me.

  4. It doesn’t matter if it’s one person or if it’s several people, you posted this specific interaction though for..feedback? Thoughts? Idk but i was giving my thoughts on this interaction.

  5. I’m more spiritual than religious, grew up muslim but have recently been questioning my place in the faith… it feels like I don’t have a place anymore and it’s both frightening and liberating, lol. Its difficult to also let go of some practices that you’ve had for your whole life, I’ve noticed. I have so much empathy and love for queer muslims and care for them deeply, but I’m questioning my own connection with Islam. I still have spirituality in the sense that I believe in something, just not sure yet if it’s a God-like figure or something broad like the universe.

  6. I’m curious what those are? This is not in anyway an attempt to invalidate your views. You have the absolute right to not date whoever you want!

  7. No worries at all! Im happy to have a convo.

  8. War and militaries are the highest expressions and arbiters of patriarchy. Imperialism, colonialism and political/land conquest and the resulting massive uptick in the disposability and commodifcation and femicide of civilian and combatant women that always happens in during wars is proof of that. There cannot be war without patriarchy and patriarchy without war. Both furthers the other.

  9. Patriarchy is a BIG factor in war and imperialism you are absolutely correct, thank you for your addition

  10. We made lists for each other so I’m getting some items off of there and a couple of sentimental items in addition :,)

  11. Where did I say I had an issue with what OP mod said? You don’t have to get aggressive with me to make your point.

  12. You’ve had a barrage of comments in this thread indicating you’re uncomfortable and upset with aspects of the post which is totally fine, you can speak and Your comment above indicates you believe there’s too many posts about it. I’m responding to you by explaining how many actual instances there are of this topic being posted from an admin point of view, which again isn’t a lot.

  13. Your comments do not exist in a vacuum and still are in context of the post AND of the community, and I interpreted it as such.

  14. THRIFT STORE LESBIAN. I love second-hand shopping. My second category would probably be dollar store lesbian :-)

  15. Ugh I’m so sorry. It is so so disheartening to find out someone close to you can act like that and completely switch on you. You deserve to be surrounded by people who accept and care for you, please try your best to grieve and take this as a message that you deserve better and it will come to you. Best of luck ❤️

  16. Transmasc does not necessarily mean someone is or identifies as a man. Transmasc lesbians do exist and that’s not conflicting to the term lesbian at all.

  17. Muslim women do not have to show their hair to ANYONE regardless of gender, I think it’s a little naive to hold that entitlement.

  18. It's the double standard since they show to cis women. It says I'm a man. Trans femmes are not men. Like if someone said you're a man you'd be pissed

  19. Ah I’m sorry I was missing some context because I misunderstood your original post. That can definitely tread into transphobia. It’s hard to see and even have it happen to you.

  20. one of my favorite things is how meaningful the term lesbian is to each and every individual lesbian.

  21. Check out the resources in the about page for the sub!

  22. The half of it!!! I loved it so much, one day at a time

  23. It’s not a dumb question, I think a lot of people crave and long to know how it feels. Feeling loved and loving are so innate to the human experience, it’s totally natural and I really admire that about others :,) I think it’s sweet.

  24. I doubt you’ll be able to find very many queer friendly people, but maybe that’s just me being a pessimist, lol. Though if you do end up trying any of those, I’d love to hear how your experience goes!

  25. Hey, I am considering getting a tattoo from him also. Do you happen to know what tattoo shop he's based out of? It's not written on his instagram.

  26. i get this, but as a queer woman, i’m also frequently frustrated that younger people don’t know lgbt history or references. that being said, lots of these references aren’t known by young gay men as well, so this is mostly a reflection of our culture at the moment than anything else.

  27. I think there’s a difference between knowing history/ a reference and equating a queer/gay experience to said reference. The latter is problematic no matter it’s older generation or younger generations.

  28. Hi! Be sure to add any self promotion or links in our monthly self-promo thread!

  29. I’ve been reading audre lorde’s poetry, specifically the collected poems of audre lorde. I’m really enjoying it so far!

  30. Stunning! I love the gold 🥰where did you get this? Was it an online site?

  31. Non-fiction as in research or like a real biography? I’m just curious :D

  32. Both!!! :) I want to read about more real life experiences

  33. Picnic dates ❤️❤️something so cozy about them

  34. Seen it recced a couple times, definitely on my to read list. I’m a little worried it will be too academic-y for me if that makes sense. Sometimes I struggle to read stuff that’s more dry or data focused.

  35. It’s actually not terribly academic for me, at least! I also struggle sometimes with very research-focused studies and narrations, but this book’s research was from interviews, and it’s more digestible :)

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