1. Pckt, yocan, vessel, and toqi are all gold brands

  2. wdym, i ordered a uni pro 2.0 box mod and that shit costs me almost 90 dollars if this shit isn't the real deal im about to fuck up their support system i neeeeeed answeerrssss

  3. No no, its a legit site you’ll get what you paid for, they just aren’t directly associated with the yocan company.

  4. Almora is the best by far for the price if you can find it. Real live resin for less than $20 a gram.

  5. Ooze batteries are notorious for being shit, get something from yocan it’ll last you forever(I personally recommend the Yocan Uni Pro).

  6. Why would they be fine now?

  7. If you dont mind, what happened oct 17th o.O

  8. They’re similar in price so I’d go with the puffco personally, easier function.

  9. The og peak is 100 bones more. Id get the actual rig but that is just my opinion.

  10. Just got me one, best bang for buck cart I’ve found.

  11. would be cool if he is cuz im about to watch it

  12. I mean trippies biggest song is with x so yeah I don’t see why not.

  13. I could see this being a real thing, maybe at a DAP pop up or something

  14. That’s a steal for an illegal state

  15. Nah (although I just looked them up and they seem dope.)

  16. Ah, some of the gifs you used are in some of his music videos that’s why I asked(beautiful whips in particular). I do like me some schoolboyq I’ll have to check them out.

  17. I just took a look and spotted the skeleton one, that’s wild. I’m digging their aesthetic for sure, thanks for the recommendation.

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