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  1. Obviously I love Bindi but is it weird that I love Bindi's duck just a little bit too?

  2. My oldest pugs favorite is my old pink sock that I’ve knotted… He actually brings it out now any time anyones upset but he used to carry it everywhere with him.

  3. That’s adorable! Sounds like she’s giving her favorite toy to who ever is sad 🥺 Yes she carries this thing everywhere. It was the very first toy we gave her when on her first day home. We even got an exact replica of this toy in case she ever can’t find it or chews it until the squeaker doesn’t work 😅

  4. 4 straight wins in a row? Wake me up… I must be dreaming

  5. Back on top of the west! Goodnight Chiefs Kingdom

  6. Don’t stop. Put up a 50 burger on them.

  7. Lol before the replay it looked like he was trying to lateral it directly to the chief.

  8. Kinda like in madden when you hit the wrong button and pitch the ball 🤣

  9. Cute puppy. What brand and size or harness is that? Having trouble finding one

  10. It’s the Puppia rite fit, the original one I got didn’t have the adjustable head hole and it didn’t fit.

  11. Thank you. We’ve been looking for a harness for our 13 week old

  12. KC could take first place today!

  13. Thank you. She’s wonderful

  14. If you are buying a pug, here are some things to ask the breeder: Are mom and dad genetically tested and can I see the results? (Pugs can be crossed with two different strains of harmful DNA that makes for a painful life and shorter lifespan) Can I see where she is kept? Can I see her vet records (if she is 13 weeks she should be fully vaccinated at this time.) Is she potty trained? If not, is she puppy pad trained? Have you worked on her teething yet? (She will be teething by this time so super bitey but outgrows it with redirection training and patience)

  15. Thank you. Will confirm the paperwork and tests tomorrow. The listing says: up to date on vaccinations and shots, dewormed, vet checked and microchipped. Also comes with a 6 month health guarantee(whatever that means, I need to look into that)

  16. PDE genes should 100% be tested for, and OFA certification on the parents' hips for signs of dysplasia is always good!

  17. Thank you. I will ask for this

  18. Careful guys. Here comes the shitstorm

  19. Can the announcers quit saying turnover

  20. Remicade was a life saver! Paired it with Azathioprine and I have achieved remission. I think she should try it.

  21. I just used a little here and there during my last flare and it worked well to help with pain and general well-being. Start small and work up incrementally until your comfortable.

  22. https://twitter.com/seaofrednation/status/1450585754015617029

  23. Let’s hope it’s true. I haven’t heard anything from any major sources yet

  24. Some news sources confirming Chris Jones to start on Sunday at DT?

  25. Got the ribs started 2 hours ago, the cheese dip is slowly warming up, and the flower is burning. Wearing my Mathieu jersey today so let's collect some rent!

  26. Let’s go. Got my honey badger jersey on too! Rent is 2 weeks overdue

  27. I can’t remember their handle, but can whoever wears the good luck hotdog socks please put them on today? Thanks in advance

  28. 6 turnovers over the last two weeks and only losing those games by a total of 7 points. I can’t wrap my head around this stat. It shows how strong this team still is once we clean up the TOs.. ohhh and FTR for the upvotes

  29. I feel as if I’m in an unhealthy relationship with this Chiefs team

  30. It’s not an easy relationship to be in 🤣

  31. This game was 100% worth the hangover in the morning. Especially watching it in downtown Cleveland !

  32. Cheers!! Time to enjoy some BBQ food

  33. I just want to see Henne scramble 1 time. For old times sake 🤣

  34. Running the ball very well right now!

  35. I just got a batch of this and I liked it! My biggest complaint(if you can’t to call it that) is there were little holes all over the bud. I assume it was machine trimmed?

  36. I just own a food scale and will just use that when I need to

  37. How do I get on the discord ?

  38. http://discord.ohiomarijuanacommunity.com/

  39. Thanks for the responses. I’ll pass on it then and grab something else !

  40. I’m from the same area you are, Northeast! I’ve never tried the GG4 before, but I didn’t want to roll the dice on T2 ..

  41. Looks great! Quick question.. do those jars contain smell pretty well?

  42. Looks awesome! Debating between this and GG4

  43. Buckeye Relief in case ya didn't know

  44. I thought this batch tested at 23%?

  45. Chem OG is shake for anyone wondering

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