1. Removing?!! What are they putting in the empty space then?

  2. the surgeon will just remove the fat through liposuction they don’t fill it with anything again.

  3. in terms of BBL removal, that’s exactly how it works. if after lipo you want another procedure for excess skin removal, you can do that too.

  4. She's a bit like Neena Gupta because she had her children out of wedlock as well, but she is much more private. Kamal Hassan and Sarika were in a live in relationship first, and they talk about it in Simi's show and how society judged them a lot.

  5. i think they were judged more for having an affair while one of them was in a decade long marriage, not so much the wedlock or live-in business

  6. on the contrary i think everyone is waiting to finally see ranveer in plain clothes instead of zebra cheetah print sparkly rhinestoned neon color mess he usually wears.

  7. I don't know how the likes of Deepika, Katrina, Kriti kiss his a#s so much when he shades them on his own show live and then they praise him. These three actresses barely work with him or need him for fame. Karan is shady on TV imagine how he is in reality. I am not surprised, the fact that he took his argument and slated Kajol in his book instead of allowing months to go by, be calm and talk it over makes Kajol better than me.

  8. i mean it’s not like they’re overly friendly with him. he complained to all of them that he wasn’t invited to their weddings and kriti openly shaded him on his show. how do they kiss his ass?

  9. Who says he’s not? His name is literally gossip Astra lol

  10. his wife during gangubai presstour said he’s not a gossiper at all and she can’t believe people think he is. fake weirdos, that’s been his tagline for years

  11. good. all of them have been trying to throw puri under the bus and avoid consequences

  12. Are you saying she couldn’t have had a child during residency? Also, what’s wrong with a doctor trained in delivering babies helping to deliver a child even if it was after her residency?

  13. based on PC’s brother’s age their mom would’ve been 31 when she had him. i know plenty of residents around this age. idek what OP is going on about

  14. OP is replying to random comments but ignoring all the ones calling out her bs lol ignorance is bliss I guess.

  15. yeah and OP + others are going on about how PC’s mom should be reported if she’s an ENT who delivered babies and they don’t want “incompetent” ppl delivering their kids 😭😭😭

  16. It has been highly misogynist, I used to be her ex fiance's fan until that happened. It was horrible how he, a well established face easily left social media. But her being a new face couldn't afford it and bore the entire brunt. It's extremely sad that it is still happening to her. She is cute, dances well, has a good screen presence but is literally called a prostitute in her home state. All this, while actual predators live free. The hypocrisy is the one that's breaking glass ceilings here.

  17. she didn’t even make a big deal of it, she quietly left her native industry to find work in other south/bolly industries to get away from them, and then they call her disloyal and fake 😂 she can’t win with them

  18. Why would she? You'd turn down the opportunity to raise your social capital tomorrow based on some grand notion of not earning it? You fake it till you make it eventually and youd be foolish to turn down opportunities just because you don't think you deserve it. Classic Redditor behavior

  19. there is no relevance to whether or not she “thinks” she deserves it. if you accept invitations to inject your voice among professionals and experts in a field you have 0 experience in, you should expect to be ridiculed like she is. end of.

  20. Says it all?! As in he’s the only one that will last? I don’t get the reasoning some give in here. Why are people forgetting that these stars have had strings of flops before but they somehow survived?! Btw hit ratio is utmost important if one wants to brag.

  21. nobody is bragging, this isn’t a twitter fanclub. and they also didn’t say “he’s the only one that will last.” OP and previous poster here said he’ll survive most (relative to his peers) on box office.

  22. Unless you’re one of those crazy blind stans then yes, he’s the only one who’ll survive the ‘most’ or however you describe it! If this’s the kind of mental gymnastics Twitter fans do as you say, then I give it to them… my two brain cells are gone

  23. Mahesh is a terrible actor a stone face.

  24. yeah because they marketed this film for general audience and failed to tell people that it was intended for youth audience. who tf is going to theaters to watch a kids movie unless it’s some new disney project 🍅

  25. Y'all are funny. In your attempt to prove that she was the one who backed out of endorsing slice (which very likely is the case, nobody is denying), y'all are ignoring what that implies. That she was fine with endorsing slice all these years because it was making her money, and backed out of endorsing it because she found another source for making more money, which was conflicting with her slice endorsement. Meaning she was well aware slice conflicts with health and wellness, and didn't care all these years

  26. i mean, look at all the girls who started beauty brands in the west (for comparison sake). they all have “vegan cruelty free” brands even though in the past they’ve collabed with sephora/ulta/MAC/etc. who test on animals + aren’t cruelty free. does that mean they never cared about cruelty before? no, but it’s a tough industry and everyone wants financial security

  27. you sound like someone who gets their talking points on late stage capitalism from twitter users. you’re welcome to your opinions though lol

  28. And how many countries have rafael, su-30 or mirage 2000 for rent? You can shoot cockpit scene either through CGI or in some trainer aircraft. But real jets very very hard.

  29. does the casual movie going audience care about getting the exact jet fighter models tho

  30. I watched it couple of days ago and I gotta say it's one of the most overrated boring movie I watched this year. Instead of making me intrigued and shocked, the 'woah' sounded more funny and I couldn't help but picture Saif Ali Khan saying wow everytime(someone should count how many times it happened in the span of the movie).

  31. yeah same. watched it on prime and couldn’t believe it did 400 cr. generically tried to fit a boring romance plot and built up a conflict with

  32. the audacity of his dad to tell you he (or his son) want you to keep fighting … the absolute audacity

  33. my general advice if marriage and kids aren’t involved is to separate and see how you adjust. if after a few months of (solo) therapy you want to try again, so be it. but i do think your feelings of “can’t see myself with anyone else” stem from sunk cost fallacy and family ties more than your true feelings. consider (at least temporary) separation. it’s much easier to split assets than kids and retirements

  34. Bebola was and is still the IT girl of bollywood. Nobody comes close even. Deepiku is still my fave from how she transistioned and how she takes a stand for herself and mental wellbeing. A woman with a spine!

  35. how can you be an it girl if you can’t sell a movie on your name? this goes for bebo and deepu

  36. No one knew Imran khan existed and then all of a sudden the films trailer came out and it was planned to release on the same day as Love Story 2050. Harman Baweja was supposed to be the next big superstar, he was dating Priyanka Chopra and there were talks about big movies with big makers and it all went, even the girlfriend. I don’t even think priyanka was with him at this point.

  37. the movie was absolute garbage and his son was the weakest link of the whole cast. i truly don’t think aamir moving JTJN release date would’ve saved that atrocity

  38. ileana isn’t fair but she’s also not this dark. it’s pretty clear to me (imo) that she’s wearing darker makeup. very bizarre choice but 🤷🏾‍♀️

  39. yeah but also they could give chances to a new girl. it’s sad that anytime this happens (like samantha in family man) the only name we think of is radhika 😭😂 a few more couldn’t hurt

  40. Leaking someone's personal chats is not something i am a big fan of.

  41. if you don’t (allegedly) s*xually harass your colleagues, this can be avoided 😀

  42. I think parasite 100% deserved that oscar but what's funny is a lot of koreans got pissed it was their representation because they thought there was much better stuff even by the same director (and they are not wrong, there definitely is)

  43. honestly i agree, parasite and especially snowpiercer were not his best work. okja and MOM >>> but i see why the political commentary in parasite was more appreciated in mainstream

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