First ever Monster truck front flip

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  1. What’s the advantage of training in the morning and afternoon in one day? I’m guessing it’s not optimal for nattys?

  2. You can get in more Volume and hit more musclegroups and there might be some advantage from an biological standpoint but recovering between sessions is gonna be hard and doing it on a prep diet will be even harder

  3. What kind of trails do you ride, and how's the Torque on those trails? Seems like a killer bike park bike but from what I've gathered might be a bit too much for mellower trails.

  4. I also have a torque and i ride everything with it. Because of the short rear end it really is super playful and you can easily throw it around so you can have fun anywhere.

  5. Where I row it is not frowned upon to use National Unis in Training if it isn’t „our“ National Teams Uni. Because you gotta say that the Croatian And the New Zealandian? Uni look pretty sick.

  6. Wait but do I thrust in 4/4 with the China or in 19/8 with the snare and kick?

  7. As if y’all would last more than half a bar /s

  8. I feel like I've seen more than a few different first ever monster truck front flip.

  9. I think it might have been the first frontflip in a competition

  10. I don’t know whether Eminem’s genius lies within his lyrics but his rapping skills are definitely up there in my opinion. Rap gets carried a lot through the Quality of the Lyrics but he definitely makes the most out of his frankly astonishing verses.

  11. Yeah maybe dont take pictures of our high tech space laser defense system ? That would be nice.

  12. I suppose it is obvious the ground effect wouldn't be beneficial to an airplane.

  13. The ground effect actually can be very beneficial for an airplane when it is taking off or landing. I don’t understand the effect to its full extent but the plane is held up by the lift generated by the airfoil but by the pressure differential between the ground and the underside of the airfoil

  14. They don’t have Venturi tunnels per se but still utilize the effect. In airplanes the goal isn’t to speed up the airflow but rather to slow it down so that it spends enough time in the engine to properly and efficiently take part in the combustion process. Some Fighter jets have a cone of sorts in the engine intake that is adjustable and therefore changes the geometry of the intake and with that the speed at which the air enters the engine. An example would be the MiG-21.

  15. The videos of the actual V1s flying has no flame, is this actually running as efficiently as it can? I feel like this burn looks cool but isn’t the machine running at maximum efficiency

  16. No. When it is actually moving through the air it is more efficient if I recall correctly. The engine couldn’t have accelerated the V1 from a standstill. That is why it was launched from a rail system that accelerated the craft then the engine took over.

  17. Kurt Cobain, Jack Johnson, Marty Music, Justin Sandercoe, my grandpa and my dad

  18. Where were you in Germany, if I may ask? Because everywhere I’ve been in Germany there was a Bakery in Walking distance that sold fresh Bread.

  19. Iirc that was the origin of snowboarding

  20. 95 because lightning McQueen. Cars is why I like nascar in the first place

  21. A rowing stroke is mostly similar to a clean.

  22. Germany. The car or more specifically the engine as it’s known today

  23. Totally agree with that but some would argue he changed it for the worse as after Ronnie the dreaded bubble gut emerged due to pros trying to reach that level of mass and running mega high doeses of gh and slin.... I'm not saying I disagree with you I'm just playing devil's advocate.... For me personally my favourite is Jay cutler and that's down to the comeback when he beat Ronnie who many do Co wider the 🐐

  24. gh: human growth hormone ( hgh ) slin: insulin

  25. Do you wanna buy a 1982 Ibanez bass?

  26. https://forums.iracing.com/discussion/19320/2022-season-2-schedule-pdf

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