1. Imagine thinking they are paying 10x prices for food. How brainwashed are these people?

  2. Yeah it's only like 1,5 times as much. Sometimes 2 /s

  3. Yes, there are US air-delivered tactical nukes stationed in 5 NATO countries that are physically under US control. If war breaks out, those NATO members have aircraft that can deliver them.

  4. Exactly! And those bases are the reason why in case of nuclear war, I will die in a fiery ball of nuclear exchanges. I live in between the Dutch and Belgium base 🥲

  5. Better be appreciative of EU turning off the gas. inflation isn't funny

  6. As a Hamilton fan, of course it's stupid to change the 2021 Championship retroactively for several reasons.

  7. Om surprised Merc hasn't gone over massively. They brought a new engine every race in the last couple of races for either Bottas ans Lewis, should stack up to spending a few mil extra per race

  8. If your perception of anything Russian changes through this war, you haven't really been paying attention the last decades

  9. It went from boring to none of this makes any sense.

  10. Yeah the armor bothered me as well. Who has replacement female elf commander armor lying around these days

  11. I can’t say how uninterested I am in the Harfoot story. Having the focus entirely on two lines (Galadriel and Arondir) and then having them converge in a momentous event… beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  12. Agree on the harfoots. The whole half-man story line has been done before. Meteor man is interesting but geez harfoots am I right?

  13. Experience doesn't have to matter if they're open minded and eager to learn. But with Abbey at least, the sex is bound to be good.

  14. although you're probably giving OP too much credit. I doubt OP made the map themselves. Just lazy borrowing from a faulty source

  15. why is turkey not coloured in nato gray on the map?

  16. Have you seen what it takes to destroy a bridge? Have you seen Antonovsky bridge in Kherson? That's taken probably about 16 HIMARS already.

  17. russkies caught inside Lyman are fucked if Ukraine find any sign of war crimes inside Lyman.

  18. Since when have Russians ever been held accountable for warcrimes though... 😔

  19. Am I the only one who thinks that after kupiansk, Lyman wasn't of great strategic value anymore. Lyman was touted as a railway hub for the Russians, but it's railway has long been disconnected from the Russian network. Lyman doesn't hold the same strategic value once figured

  20. Not really a full answer but interesting point about the US imho.

  21. Homie spent 7 years hunting big foot?

  22. As promised, here's the recipe. I made some changes to the original because I have better and more diverse ingredients than my grandma had in Soviet Kharkiv. The other nice thing is that this is a soup, so quantities and times are pretty flexible, so keep tasting and get it to how you want it.

  23. what do you imagine the state of their nuclear arsenal is like?

  24. Yes stress could've certainly been playing a role in this too especially since I've been worried sick almost on the brink of insanity for the past few days.

  25. Whenever I end up in this spiral by being too much into my own head,it helps by just talking about it with other people.

  26. Honestly I liked combat in W1 more, mostly because it was less intensive there was more focus on the RPG part. W2/W3 are hack&slash games almost as if they were trying to imitate Fromsoft's success.

  27. I tried doing a w1 to blood&wine playthrough but my brain broke trying to comprehend the controls of w1 so I just watched a YouTube let's play of w1 and played on from w2.

  28. I loved Morrowind! Oblivion was my first introduction to the genre when someone's older brother let me play for an afternoon, and I got Morrowind (because my PC was bad bad) and although walking through the world took forever and it was kinda janky, I enjoyed it for what it was :) especially Bloodmoon on Solstheim, building the colony

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