1. I need this hair in 'Peaches' too or one this shoots from new album.

  2. He so ellegant with his red hair and clothes by Gucci.

  3. The atmosphere is so quit and introspective and make me calm and anxious for this album.

  4. I count all days, i'm really excited for this album.

  5. I really excited maybe he drop a soft pop and the teaser have a lot of references in my mind like a Kiss More by Doja Cat and Sza, She is and shinin' by Jonghuyn, California Gurls by Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg and Free Somebody by Luna.

  6. upvoted, on your comment! i have already upvoted your post, days back, i guess.

  7. I'm really excited for this Variety Show and The videos From "The Swoon", because, they have translation for my language and It's so much fun know about the behind scenes.

  8. Looking to trade an upvote or two, return the one I just gave you on some recent posts of mine?

  9. Upvoted, help a mate out!

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