1. People are becoming more vain by the day and dread getting older asif its something to be ashamed of. Rather than develope their personality or add value to their life in some way, they are teying to cling to youth and think SPF will do that for them. Yes, wear it daily but it wont stop the process of getting older.

  2. I have to disagree with you that people are becoming somehow more and more vain. Victorian women used lead and radioactive chemicals on their faces as makeup. Even before that, it wasn’t uncommon for women to bathe in urine, blood and milk to appear more youthful or get “milky skin”.

  3. I dont know if they knew they were putting toxic substances on their face though? I find that yputh are really clinging to being young these days and want to be like Peter Pan on a maturity level too whilst people in older times were okay with being grown ups, but they still wanted to look good.

  4. Alien. I also like Decadence by Marc Jacobs in the winter.

  5. Beautiful flowers and views. I'd love to go.

  6. American Horror Story (Murder House and Circus).

  7. He started out okay and then he just turns awful. He's infuriatingly selfish and irresponsible all the way through. If i remember correctly, theres an episode set in the future later on but I'm unsure if it ms just Christian or Seans dream.

  8. Shes vile. His behaviour is unhinged infront of his son.

  9. Nope. Mental illness relapses make me look terrible though.

  10. I'm curious as to why she even notices how men sit? Why is she finding it so offensive? Odd.

  11. I think the people who have good skin realise they dont need full glam so are going more natural. Its all about skin now.

  12. I personally hate the full glam look and glad its dying out. I like to see a persons skin and natural features. I appreciate the effort and skill of application though.

  13. Lots of people on here that dont understand sarcasm. They say that Americans struggle with the British sense of humour and I find that to be true based on Reddit.

  14. I’ve found Americans don’t distinguish sarcasm from dry humor very well. That may be part of it.

  15. Yes, thats exactly it. I find that they can sometimes take things the wrong way on here due to this issue.

  16. Filters are the worst thing to happen to social media. I dont get why its normal to have a filter on everything snd look cartoonish.

  17. Yeah she was a bit of a dick but she was also a teenager and teens in general can be idiots as they are young and still developing.

  18. You remind me of the man in the new batman.

  19. Its been a while but i remember being put off by men posing in the bathrrom mirror in a pair of pants and nothing else. I dont want to see you naked. Put some clothes on.

  20. I mean this in the nicest possible way but you look very young to be on reddit. Please be careful.

  21. This is really bad. I feel so sorry for the baby.

  22. I remember watching a documentary about this. The costs just jept going up and it nearly bankrupt the studio. They had to recouo the money while it was in production so they made a film with Marilyn Monroe.

  23. It's always when a woman likes to do her hair and makeup that the comments are vile. People who post in here with no makeup on get lovely comments.

  24. I believe she was the first to be rude.Leontief believe it? Go look. Smfh

  25. Nope, the comments she has recieved are horrible. Shes just a normal girl who posted a picture. No need to leave nasty comments.

  26. Clinique is quite behind on the market now and there are much better products available. If you go to your nearest John Lewis or department, they should have Charlotte Tilbury, Armani amd Nars counters. They're really good amd try before you buy and gives loads of samples to make sure you like the product before you purchase

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