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  1. Japan is notorious at being stingy with content. Especially with artists. They can do that because they can live off their market unlike kpop

  2. Is there a reason why they region-lock so much content?

  3. They cant be bothered with the licensing and subbing content probably bc they dont need to. They have one of the biggest music markets and their artists can live off it and make big profit. They dont have to extend their reach overseas unlike kpop. And Japanese fans are insanely loyal. Groups who may have fallen from their fame in Korea still make big bucks in Japan.

  4. It's because her dialogue has been dubbed in, so her lips don't match up with what's being said.

  5. This was such a liberating realization for me and what broke me out of my NLOG phase as an adolescent. I realized that I was being an NLOG because I was just as insecure as every other girl and trying to set myself apart. I was also just uncomfortable with my femininity and didn’t know how to “be a girl,” if that makes sense. Then I hit a certain point in high school where I realized nothing matters and I could like whatever I wanted. I had a very healthy mix of traditionally “feminine” interests as well as traditionally “masculine” interests and I just embraced it and learned to love myself for it instead of putting others down and trying to be different. Ironically, I got to college and realized that it set me apart from the NLOGs because I just didn’t give a shit about what anyone thought and just enjoyed what I enjoyed regardless of others’ opinions, and I realized people are far more attracted to that in a person than someone who tries too hard to be different. I came full circle and I became the girl who was not like the other girls who were not like the other girls.

  6. Same. I aslo had issues with embracing femininity but that's probably bc i grew up in a masc environment. Unfortunately, the realization came a little too late. It was only until my early 20s that i realized my obnoxiousness and how much it stopped me from enjoying sooo many more fun activities, clothing and other things that are considered girly.

  7. I read the first book and was unimpressed. It was okay, maybe a 3 star read? It felt very YA to me. The second book was “put it in my veins” level. I’m still struggling to finish the third. Take this as you would!

  8. If I remember correctly, Minatozaki is a rare surname in Japan which is why conspiracies/rumors/jokes of TWICE Sana being royalty was a thing.

  9. I just wanna know why Sweet Caroline is always being played in AO

  10. How is Andrey Rublev a real person? I feel like he’s a computer simulation used to torture me

  11. He's a sweetheart and i love him so much for that but his game is so frustrating lol

  12. My theory here is if Felix gets to QF, he'll win the AO. (Except if he faces the goat, murygoat). There's gotta be a silver lining to this curse lol

  13. Sakkari is just generally cursed

  14. He's so committed to faking his injury that he decided not to play for 6-8 weeks. What a clown /s

  15. At that time, I think UEE was more popular though.

  16. The difference here is that, the testimonies of the women match.

  17. Lmao i love how were stating reasons to believe Vhong Navarro's accusers pero downvoted to oblivion kasi it doesnt align with their biases na kina-claim nilang wala sila.

  18. People here are actually unaware of what happened back then and the video evidence that disproves Cornejo's story. To these people, all they need is to see the word 'rape' and you're auto guilty.

  19. Ah yes youre conveniently forgetting about the other women other than Denise who is accusing Vhong of rape

  20. Moments of Love starring Dingdong Dantes and Iza Calzado has a special place in my heart. And I'm not even fond of romantic films.

  21. FR!!!!! Putangina, san ko ba pwede panoorin to ulit 😭

  22. Funny, my feminism never balks at "Mine!" in romance books - because my brain interprets it as reciprocal.

  23. Maam, i just checked your profile and i think i love you. And thanks for the recommendation lol

  24. She can barely string a few words together to form a coherent sentence

  25. I am here trying to comprehend what the fuck she's trying to say

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