1. I definitely wouldn't do it and if my mum suggested it to me I would run for the hills but her and me don't have that kind of relationship. It's cute if it works for you.

  2. Even if you went to the doctor they would probably tell you to keep track of your cycle for a few more months so they have more to go on, so I recommend doing that and then if you're still irregular, seeing a doctor.

  3. Unless there is a known reason why you went so long without a period (birth control for e.g) you may want to consider seeing a doctor as that is not normal. You should be ovulating a lot more frequently.

  4. I don’t agree with self diagnosing in the sense that you tell people you’re autistic without a formal diagnosis. It’s ok to believe to yourself you may be autistic and tell people nearest and dearest to you that you think you might be. It is completely different to go around and tell people that you are when you do not have that diagnosis. What’s going to happen is nobody is going to take autistics seriously when everybody is saying that they are autistic. Because everybody is not autistic, nor is every other person autistic. But if it ends up seeming that way people are going to see that people function just fine because a lot of people are not actually autistic when they say they are. And of course you can seem like you are functioning fine when you are diagnosed. The bottom line is people really should be seeking a diagnosis and if you do not have a diagnosis you just don’t go around telling people that you are autistic. You can say that you think you are autistic, Or that you strongly suspect that you are, self suspected, but acting like you have the diagnosis is incorrect. I also see a link being posted many times referring to a paper suggesting that if you have done your research you are most likely are autistic. That is fine, but it does not replace a diagnosis. My other issue is that the autistic community is likely full of undiagnosed people and they are most likely the ones who are supporting self diagnosis because they too have self diagnosed. I am sure there are plenty of people who are diagnosed that support it. I think that it’s extremely important to help people get to the bottom of their issues and pointing them into the direction of autism if things fit in that area is encouraged. But saying you are autistic when you do not have a diagnosis is a problem. Like I said, you should say self suspected, that you suspect it, that you think you do. That’s all. I saw a people saying this a few times and I thought it was great. And then it went away it seems.

  5. I'm not judging whether anyone is autistic but myself, nor am I saying that I am 'better' at masking than anyone else, just that I am able to do it sufficiently well that I can pass as NT most of the time.

  6. I've never been pregnant but maybe you just needed a poo badly? If there is no bleeding and it has gone, I wouldn't worry too much.

  7. When I need have a bowel movement it often feels like pelvic pain or period pain so it is easy to mix up the two.

  8. If you struggle w sensory issues when it comes to bras, switch to bralettes! Has been an absolute game changer for me and you can get ones that are padded for extra support

  9. I'm a 36F. I think this would work for smaller boob owners but not for us bigger people. I would give myself two black eyes if I wore a bralette. I find sports bras give good support though and are less annoying.

  10. If it's your birthday, don't do anything. A lot of people don't even choose to tell colleagues it is their birthday or will take the day off if they can.

  11. Nah the norm here is you buy things for yourself. It's logistically easier to buy your own, than it is to coordinate with everyone else for every other birthday.

  12. Interested into why anyone would want to cum elsewhere just because she was pregnant.

  13. They're easy to put on if you generally go barefoot inside and don't soak through like slippers. I wouldn't wear them outside to do anything anything put the bins out though unless it was really warm out. Some people like showing off their pedicures as well.

  14. Speak to your friends but if it was me I'd pick a different suit. The grooms I have known have all become sort of attached to their wedding suits and it would be nice if it was individual.

  15. I’d have liked to see more of the friendship between Ginny and Luna. As two young witches in the same school year and having only a few wizarding families living in the neighbourhood (the Weasleys, the Diggorys and the Lovegoods are the only ones who would’ve been getting the same portkey to the quidditch World Cup), I’d have expected them to be friends from primary school age, and particularly from the last year before they went to Hogwarts when they were both the only child in their respective households during term time.

  16. I have to wear a uniform for work and was only given two. So if I'm doing four shifts in a row, the machine goes on daily. If this wasn't the case, probably every two or three days.

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