My local Walmart sells buttplugs

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My boyfriend told me my pussy is too loose

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  1. omg this is phenomenal!! do you have tumblr or anything?

  2. Ty! I mainly post on my ig. It’s private but you can follow if ya like :) @ponyboi_v_

  3. Alas I don’t have ig, I’ll just enjoy it here!

  4. I don’t understand how you think that “more people reporting something will get more attention on it” isn’t true, but ok whatever

  5. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Blue Willow has stuff fitting this theme in their gift shop. You can check some of their stock online.

  6. Leaving up even though it doesn't follow the title rules...

  7. Incredible to see an understanding mod on Reddit. Thank you very much.

  8. Augh RIP Stealing Harry-verse. I still pine for the full 7 fics that Could Have Been hahah

  9. somehow my boyfriend let me blabber on about Teach for like half an hour today on a walk, can't believe it. Toward the beginning he tapped my forehead, as he is wont to do, and said "what's in here?" "...nothin" "oh, I think there is something. Just one thing." " pirates"

  10. The first incel was a woman. None of their "screed" makes any sense applied to men. Women are outright discouraged from looking at men purely for their attractiveness. Remember metrosexuals? How about the current man-bun controversy? The second men do anything to their looks, society insults everyone involved. The man better not put effort into his looks! There must be something "wrong" with the woman who wants a partner who is more into beauty than she is. Beauty is "feminine," doncha know!

  11. Can’t believe how far down I had to scroll for this. Is this not common knowledge??

  12. Grandma's can have a little bit of lube, as a treat.

  13. Honestly grandmas are probably using more lube than the youths because women significantly slow or stop producing their own lubrication post-menopause.

  14. 5 months ago you said you were gonna get out. You still should.

  15. It’s ok you can just say you’re wlw 😜 /j

  16. This is a terrible chart. Incomprehensible at a glance.

  17. Have they tried asking any woman, literally any woman, about her dating history? There's always like 3 normal people and then they start talking about "Homeless Steve" and "Gamblin' Rick" and "Traveling Circus Ben".

  18. Dated a dude i literally had in my phone as “subway clown”

  19. I took screenshots, but didn’t want to post them here because it felt like violating his privacy. It was definitely him, with a blue tick next to his name.

  20. Fucking blue tick on tinder??? Hilarious

  21. Fuck, that’s quite a conclusion from VERY limited information. Just handing out life advice like it’s going out of fashion with no consideration for that fact that OP is the one that has to live with the consequences, not you.

  22. Yea - OP is also the one whose boyfriend told her her pussy is too loose. Time to cut him loose.

  23. This is rattling up a bunch of chat for nothing - he deleted his Twitter to focus on work, his insta and fb are still active, he’ll be back I’m sure.

  24. He does seem like he's starting his decline. I just moved in last year. He made a great first impression, has been super friendly and helpful, has even given me the keys to his jeep. But he's also used language that implies he's racist towards black people, while he's black himself.

  25. Sounds like an Uncle Ruckus type.

  26. Ooo exciting!! I was one of the people who tweeted his name in response to them 😇

  27. One question I've always had about this, does one day really make that huge of a difference in currents? Like a one-day-from-full moon is that much less powerful than a full moon?

  28. This is probably imitating his speech pattern, like an informal way that people pronounce isn’t.. she does it at least one other time in the book.

  29. mmmm... I feel like the S and the D being right next to each other on the keyboard is a more compelling Occam's Razor.

  30. There we go. Knew I couldn't be the first to think of it!

  31. Holy shit these are gorgeous. I adore Stede in his lil rowboat.

  32. Yep. One is rainbow shadowed like Con’s, ones non-binary coloured with a dagger and an orange, and then other one is teal and orange with a dagger.

  33. 😬 this reeks of "I like your shoelaces/Thanks I got them from the president". I think, in this case, the best kind of approach is "Oh my god do you watch Our Flag Means Death??!!'

  34. Dump! Him! Oh my god please get out of there.

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