1. I mean, depends on the size and location of the property. But yeah, I would have to assume a lot of them are. Funny enough, Alaska is the exact opposite of Texas. 96% of the land is public.

  2. Probably because nobody wants it lol. If the population of Alaska were a city in Texas it would be the sixth largest, just a bit bigger than El Paso. Considering Alaska is larger than TX by area that's a lot of uninhabited space.

  3. I just thought it was funny that it was literally exactly the opposite. Although it would be nice to go out exploring or camping and not have to worry about getting fucking shot cause you're trespassing on someone's 4000 acres or some shit.

  4. A researcher at the facility knows that this area is obviously never going to get any google street view coverage, and he also knows that people like us are curious about what this area, or base specifically, looks like. So he took a bunch of photospheres of it and shared them with the world. Nothing really to question.

  5. Dude it’s a symbol of police officer support, grow up

  6. Why does the American flag need to be associated with police? Do you have to be an American to be a police officer?

  7. American police officers sure do! What are you talking about?

  8. I really didn’t know you had to be an American citizen to be a cop. Don’t have to be a citizen to serve in the military. So that’s weird.

  9. I just don’t care about what my character looks like really. Character looks like shit generally unless you have a full set anyways. I play a Druid simply for the versatility.

  10. There’s probably like 150 videos of “How to load a bike by yourself” and the first upload is from like 2007 and it’s a 31 second video filmed on a potato of a guy just manhandling a bike into the back of a truck. YammieScroob just milks out into 31 MINUTES of content somehow. How the fuck is that even possible?

  11. Will not comply, but I bet their tags are up to date and they would suck on a cops’ toes.

  12. I swear I read somewhere that there were actual talks of making 35 a toll road and 130 not.

  13. How do I not see any comments about the PCs being on carpet

  14. Cause the title says that is their next project.

  15. I actually kinda liked it until I got to the Let’s Go Brandon.

  16. $682 for a single 12" teak shelf. Unreasonable.

  17. It's not the only site that sells shelves. I was just including a site where I got mine. I got an 84" black powdercoated steel shelf for $380 not too long ago.

  18. That's actually very cheap for a custom quality shelf. Go look anywhere on Etsy for floating shelves and tell me if you find one cheaper.

  19. Wish businesses, apartments, etc. would start installing quality security camera. Are they really that expensive?

  20. OP works at the dealer. Pretty sure he could share what they’re listing it for. My guess is no less than $75k. And that’s generous.

  21. Fucker is going to be dead by the time any he faces any indictment.

  22. Why was a Communist fighting for an Oligarchy?

  23. planning on doing this to my future ridgeline

  24. Ridgeline is also 5x120 too. So you can find someone selling their OEM FK8 wheels and put them on your Type-R truck.

  25. It is my greatest satisfaction to forthwith proclaim to all who will hear it that these are never fuggin funny.

  26. Are you tall af? I feel like these are hung hella high lol

  27. I’ve been commuting daily on my bike lately and as much I want to do it I don’t. Just not worth the headache in my opinion. It’s something that will never be legal in Texas either. People will continue their 20+ mile commutes forever in full size SUVs or trucks that they drive alone.

  28. You'll get stopped. Don't California our Austin.

  29. California-ing our Austin would be continuing to drive your car instead of commuting on a motorcycle and helping traffic congestion.

  30. I sold all three 2011 TNF Sleeping bags for a $1200 bundle in 2013. They go for over a grand each now.

  31. Austin, Texas. Saw this guy a few years ago.

  32. Born and raised in Austin, but couldn’t afford to move out of my parents house until 2016. Paid $700 all bills paid for the master bedroom in a 3-2 near William Cannon & 1st.

  33. I think the “He won! Get over it!” sticker literally might be a sticker supporting Biden? But he’s too ignorant to realize?

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