1. Yes. Revelations was originally about him. He was robbed of the spotlight.

  2. Now it might be the self talk but I feel like I could've done better

  3. True because we already had vegito and BROLY fight in a summons why not have gogeta and zamasu fight

  4. Lewd foxy lewd bonnie lewd puppet lewd mangle lewd chica lewd freddy but they have seen to have disappeared

  5. Yes. That's in the script, it's supposed to happen.

  6. Yeah lol but I won't be as fast when we're all fucking around lol

  7. I've seen a lot of people claim the models as there own and It kinda makes me mad so that's why I called you out

  8. Yeah so many people like to do crap like this but I wouldn't be that stupid to do it

  9. Tbh yes it's garry's mod and that was the first nsfw thing I've posted

  10. You're probably the first person to actually say jessica from rev

  11. 1.jill 2.leon 3.jill 4.leon 5.chris 6.jake Rev.parker orc.vector rev2.claire 2Remake.Hunk 3Remake.nemesis

  12. Personally I dislike changing a characters color scheme (especially one that has a color in his name already like red hood) but this actually looks pretty cool! Good build.

  13. Also kinda curious, what pistols are those? They don’t look super silly like the pistols my red hood has lol.

  14. No, an Outbreak remake is in higher demand. They should do that.

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