1. It would be a terrible shame if you trained your dog to only do the toilet in that part of your garden and then didn't have time to pick it up regularly... such a terrible shame...

  2. If you're into crafty stuff there's a group on FB called 'CREATIVE CLASSES - Aberdeen City & Shire' where people teaching classes list what they've got coming up. There's a big range of different things

  3. I would definitely recommend Nathan at Utopia for piercing/ear curation. I've had a few done by him

  4. You should be in neutral, with your foot on the brake. The handbrake should not be used unless you are parked. It could even be considered a road violation to engage the handbrake because you’re parked on an active road.

  5. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/the-highway-code/general-rules-techniques-and-advice-for-all-drivers-and-riders-103-to-158

  6. That's a UK thing. Therefore I don't really consider it logical or valid in any way. Nice try though. UK doesn't even use the correct side of the road to drive.

  7. Well, with respect, it doesn't really matter whether you consider it logical or valid. OP is a UK-based driver asking a question about driving in the UK, and as per the Highway Code this is the guidance provided.

  8. Something I've found really helpful is opening a savings account in a different bank to my normal everyday bank. I have a standing order set up to transfer in money on payday each month and then I just forget about it. I deliberately haven't downloaded the app for that bank onto my phone so I have to physically go into the bank to withdraw money, which takes away the temptation. Its easy to forget about it, and always a nice surprise when the annual statement comes in

  9. I’ve worked in both. At agencies, you’re able to move up faster and at most in-house it’s harder to move up because there are limited PR opportunities. In-house you’re closer to the business and youll have more knowledge across the business including different departments and strategy. It can also be very frustrating, few people in-house understand PR and you’ll have to continually educate and stand by your decisions when challenged.

  10. If you don't mind going a but further out I would suggest Altens on weekends. There's lots of streets around the industrial estates without having to go on the main roads, and they're a bit of a ghost town at weekends

  11. As a woman based in the UK I feel absolutely heartbroken for the women of the US today. Can anyone point me in the direction of anything people in the UK can do to help? Any organisations we can donate to, information we can share, etc etc? I know it won't be much but I want to try and support my sisters in any way I can

  12. Farm Stop in Portlethen. Recently opened and is very popular. Lots of lovely animals there including lambs you get to hold.

  13. I was going to suggest here too. I think they only opened a few weeks ago but I've heard loads of people raving about them

  14. Could the best man walk her down the aisle? I'm having mine walk my mum down the aisle to her seat followed by the brudesmaid then me

  15. NTA - you didn't threaten him with anything! He did the threatening, you just told him to have at it!

  16. NTA - it's all about context. If you go to a pub you expect people to be drinking, swearing and even getting a bit rowdy. If he doesn't expect that then more fool him!!

  17. Scotland - Tennents lager, brewdog, Edinburgh Gin, the obligatory whisky - as long as it's not a blend.

  18. This is a really interesting post. I've always mentally likened BED to a food addiction (purely assumption on my part), but what you're saying here just makes so much more sense. Thanks for the insight

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