1. Would look good with all black fit but with the Jordan 1 high fatigue + white canvas it’s an easy pass for me

  2. Could’ve paid resale and still got his moneys worth

  3. Just picked my first pair up this week

  4. Well worn. Consider a cleaning

  5. “We got Tiffany’s at home” but with Kenny G teal

  6. Half the price of retail too! That persuades me more than anything these days with all these $200+ retail releases

  7. Convinced you cannot find a good pair of these

  8. Black light the carpet and call Stanley

  9. Link has been here. Look in the reply to moderator

  10. If Nike restocked those para’s tomorrow for 100 bucks, I wouldn’t even enter a draw.

  11. They will probably look better than this. Miui’s QC photos always suck.

  12. No, the overlaces are enough pizzazz for me. I take the zip tye off.

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