1. This is why I work in construction 🦺 👨🏼‍🏭

  2. When I was a kid my dad pulled me aside and showed me his secret ingredient for instant mash potatoes. He threw a whole stick of butter in there

  3. “Hit like you mean it, don’t hit it like you hit your wife!”

  4. That shit doesn’t really work anymore, most decent labs check for masking agents

  5. I may be wrong but I think they can test the ph levels. I had a buddy who had to go back to the lab a piss several times because he was using synthetic “urine”. (Current construction worker, I get tested before every job)

  6. I would look into palo azul! I know it doesn’t work that great for marijuana but it will probably do the trick in your case.

  7. Definitely will not come out in a week or two! I would suggest finding someone who is clean. Have them pee for you. And tape hand warmers to the bottle to keep it at optimal temperature. Then tape it to the inside of your leg.

  8. That is if they’re giving you a whiz quiz. If it’s an oral exam just swish your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide before the exam.

  9. The HEB turkey sausage is pretty good. That and the chicken sausage

  10. Sunflower seeds, and gum! And the self assurance that you don’t need it.

  11. Most people call it a jab saw. Old timers call it a keyhole saw.

  12. Anybody know where I can buy a blue raspberry bush? It’s my favorite fruit

  13. Yea we are gonna do a slip knot. Thanks for caring! 😊😊

  14. Isn’t a slip knot a knot that gets tighter when pulled? I think you’re thinking of a granny knot

  15. Is it me or does this not seem like it belongs in this sub. Maybe it’s just the new construction in me

  16. They’re Margaritas were decent I thought. Breakfast tacos were really bad though

  17. Twenty years ago that restaurant was owned and operated by Frontier Enterprises, the fine folks that bring you Jim's and The Magic Time Machine, thus earning it the name "Jim's on a Stick." If the food is BJ's level then it sounds like it has improved under Landry's ownership.

  18. I never knew they were owned by frontier! That’s crazy.

  19. 6 figures, and some of these non-union folks are making closer to $20/hour doing shittier work! Damn, I will never forgive my dad for raising me to be a scab instead of a union man.

  20. Union for sure. Tin knocker here, welding stainless & galvi duct alongside my normal work. 52.10/hr + Health, vision, dental, annuity and 2 pensions

  21. You can’t pay me enough to be a pookie fitter

  22. October is a pleasant time. Is this your first time? How long is your stay? You should visit Muir Woods, definitely Battery Spencer, Old Lighthouse view, Wave Organ Beach, and the spectacular food scene in SFO downtown. Everything else is a bonus. Truckloads of hiking is available.

  23. My girls friend wants to take the ferry to Alcatraz. I was looking for something a little less touristy.

  24. It’s my first time! Our air bnb is by Alamo square, and I’ll only be there for 3 days.

  25. I got in on my first try. I think it’s a little easier to get in down here in Texas.

  26. As someone who can do both. I would highly recommend learning the basics of pipe fitting. There’s nothing worse then seeing some green apprentice who can’t read a tape measure but wants to weld.

  27. This made me smile! One of my buddys would randomly start reciting the infomercial word from word. He sadly killed himself last year. Thanks for the chuckle

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