1. That’s just mean, man…

  2. This is the first time I've let myself watch the replay of Rajai's HR from Game 7. Thank you for helping me heal. 😭

  3. After such a incredible high at that moment, just to be let down at the end. I 100 percent agree it took some time to watch again

  4. I'm probably a terrible spouse/parent for this, but the Rajai home run was literally the happiest moment of my life... followed closely by my wedding day and the birth of my children, lol. I almost fainted from sheer delirious joy when he hit it.

  5. How did I miss THE Collin Cowgill being the Reds’ 1B coach?

  6. Pleeease don’t let the on-screen pitch clock become a thing

  7. "Shortstop in the outfield" had me cracking up.

  8. Shortstop in the OF was good, everything else gave off “something, something, something dark side” vibes

  9. every time I look at them I notice some new horror I didn't see before

  10. Bless ChatGPT's lil' heart, it just doesn't quite get baseball. 😂

  11. This breaks my heart. What a kind person, what a loss for us all! I’ll never forget taking my son to his first game and John letting him sit on his drum for a photo. Thank you for some of the greatest memories of my life, John.

  12. Straight-up chills, man

  13. We also need comments like

  14. I appreciate it. It’s sad to see someone who at one time seemed like such a force of positivity in Cleveland turn out to have some serious issues. Obviously, fuck his actions but I hope as a human being he can use this opportunity to get the help he needs.

  15. Your comment made me feel guilty about mine, lol. Agree 100% with what you’ve said — I hope he’s able to improve as a person, partner and father. And I hope his partners and children get the healing and support they need!

  16. I'd totally have his little fucking son

  17. I'm Team Ketchup when it comes to hotdog condiments, but Team Onion for the races. Sorry Mustard, I want nothing to do with you. 🤷‍♀️

  18. Tylorgi Freeman has me cracking up, lol

  19. I’m waking up from my months-long slumber to tell you how amazingly talented you are 🤩 I seriously think about your Indians sweater at least several times a year, lol

  20. Love the sweatshirts and the colorful socks! It looks so warm where you are… 😩

  21. we definitely can’t complain about winter! but i would trade you in the summer any time 😂 hope the storms aren’t hitting too bad where you are!

  22. Oooh, I don’t think I can handle your summers… you can layer as much as you need in the cold here, but you can only take off so much in the heat before it’s indecent/illegal, lol. Thankfully we avoided the worst of the storms, and now that the stretch of stupid-cold subzero temps is over, winter is marginally more tolerable. I’m dreaming of spring and baseball though!

  23. 🎵I love that J-O-S-H-U-A Bell… (dong!)

  24. Yay sub! I’ve loved watching it grow over the years, y’all are the greatest. PS — flair of their choosing to the first person to send me a screenshot of our subscriber number hitting 42,069 😬

  25. I think that style of pointy hat is associated with gnomes? No idea about the star on top, though... 🤔

  26. What a beautiful message. ❤️ It breaks my heart that he ever felt any shame for who he was or that he felt he had to hide his true self from everyone around him, but I’m so happy to see he found love and is living his best life now. Congratulations to him and Ryan, wishing them many happy years together. 💕

  27. Heya! I removed your thread (and mine as well, plus about 5 others 😄) since we were beaten by this one by a few minutes:

  28. Thank you, I appreciate your understanding!

  29. Heya! Just FYI, I removed your post because it (and mine as well) were beaten by a minute by another:

  30. Thanks, I appreciate you not getting mad at me! I always hate removing people's threads, lol.

  31. Heya! I removed your thread (and mine as well) since we were beaten by this one by about a minute:

  32. Heya! Just FYI, I removed your post because it (and mine as well) were beaten by a minute by another:

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