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  1. cut to 6 months from now where sunmi & be’o will be meeting each other with good feelings!

  2. Maybe because NCT 127 itself is considered a fixed sub-unit of NCT as a whole so if they called it a 127 sub-unit then it’d be a sub-unit sub-unit (which is technically true but not the only truth). Also maybe they’re categorizing Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Jungwoo as general NCT members as opposed to 127 only members. This could also then mean that any future NCT U fixed units could possibly include NCT members from across different fixed sub-units (e.g. Taeyong, Renjun, and Kun or something like that).

  3. he’s so pretty and ethereal oml

  4. Surprised noone’s mentioned aespa’s Karina and WJSN’s Yeoreum

  5. This just in, Dispatch to release pictures of HYBE & SM meeting for drinks at a café. Industry insiders say they’ve been seeing each other for a while.

  6. Actress Nako fighting! 😭

  7. i see. but i think its probably this year since he is alr 30 in korea.

  8. There is no way this man is 29, I thought he was like 25 max 😭

  9. wvt_ says:

    Wow this is insanely catchy and good. The MV gives such warm and wholesome vibes 10/10

  10. wvt_ says:

    Sumin & Isa are so insanely gorgeous it’s insane. The other girls are also beautiful but Sumin & Isa always captivate me

  11. wvt_ says:

    not sure if it counts but i remember a lot of people being convinced that xiumin from exo was chinese lmao

  12. wvt_ says:

    they’re in their demonic himbo era and i couldn’t ask for anything more

  13. I’m actually surprised BTBT made it here. Didn’t know it had been recognised by so many non fans.

  14. wvt_ says:

    The song & choreo went pretty viral on TikTok and is his most streamed song so it kind of makes sense

  15. Watch their group name also integrate the number 1 in some random af manner

  16. wvt_ says:

    Not a single fucking skip 😭 Like I genuinely love every song. Tangerine & Endless summer have me weak in the knees

  17. Every time I read her name I think of the chorus of Bazooka by GWSN, but with her name replacing the word.

  18. Antifragility is the concept of coming back better/stronger after adversity/shocks/stressors etc...

  19. wvt_ says:

    Interestingly there’s a book called “Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder” and the wiki article mentions this and I think it fits perfectly:

  20. if you people are offended by the lyrics please go outside bc what the hell 😭😭

  21. wvt_ says:

    No literally go outside and touch some grass bc it’s not that serious 😩 Sometimes you need an ass shaking anthem that says I’m the shit and everyone else sucks beyond repair and that’s okay

  22. wvt_ says:

    Easily one of the best b-sides of the year

  23. I don't like seeing hair extensions being so awkwardly attached to idols' hair. I get that they want to spice up the idols'looks but it comes off looking very silly sometimes

  24. the newjeans revolving door of bangs would like a word 😭 i think the only one who’s come away unscathed so far is minji, the rest have all had to deal with the slightly off-colour block baby bang

  25. wvt_ says:

    The amount of times I tried to figure if any of the bangs were real bc it kept changing with every performance was horrendous and then I came to the conclusion that I’m dumb

  26. wvt_ says:

    Winter in Next Level quaking in her boots rn

  27. wvt_ says:

    I’m sorry but Jinni is coming for my neck 🤭

  28. IVE‘s Yujin! She debuted at 15 and already held a two lead positions at that age, bearing a lot of responsibility due to having many lines and then redebuting at 18 and having to face the challenge of becoming a leader whilst been a maknae in IZ*ONE.

  29. wvt_ says:

    Every time I see Yujin, one the first things that come to mind is how mature she seems for her age. The same can’t be said for some idols that are much older than she is. I commend her for all that she’s had to go through at such a young age. Even though I’m 4 years older than her, she inspires me in a way.

  30. wvt_ says:

    Everytime I see a P Nation headline, I clutch my pearls and in this case, they were rightfully clutched wtf

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