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  1. Wing Commander was my first. Followed closely but Kings Quest VI

  2. Burd was one of my favorite albums and this is quickly matching that. The production is so smooth and it has such an original sound. So damn good. It's criminal that they don't get all the love here.

  3. So first of all it's argan, and second of all they're literally eating the trees. They don't care about the nuts which they can't crack and so can't digest. Their poop creates a lot of new trees, though.

  4. No only that, they collect the nuts from the poop to make oil which is in lotion, shampoo, and other cosmetics.

  5. We got ours on the same day! Mine is expected on Tuesday

  6. wzkd says:

    I have been agonizingly waiting to play Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring until I got a 5. So maybe one of those? Also I have been playing the kneecapped ps4 version of the Show this month so I might have to do a side by side comparison.

  7. wzkd says:

    I braided between each eyelet in sections. It was tough to get the third through but managed without having to cut or widen the individual eyelets.

  8. wzkd says:

    It sounds like the the initial $.01 charge was something called validation testing. Criminals will buy batches of compromised cc numbers and then use unsuspecting e-commerce sites with no security to validate active cards. Once they get a successful charge they will use those cards fraudulently. It’s likely your card number was compromised at some point before that initial charge.

  9. wzkd says:

    Holy crap!!! That is an amazing find and also woah those are def not what I thought they would be. Well done on the find!

  10. As it isn't mentioned in youtube description nor top comments : this video has been directed by Michel Gondry.

  11. wzkd says:

    all of Gondry's music videos are fantastic. There was a dvd series of music video directors and his was the best. I still pull it out and watch it some times.

  12. wzkd says:

    This reminds me of this chemical brothers

  13. wzkd says:

    This is awesome. For a few weeks there was a named mob running frantically on the road just north of Restless in South West Mourningdale. I assumed it was a bug that seemed to have been resolved in the winter update, but this list makes me curious that it might have been intentional? He was constantly retreating in two directions for about 300m but would pause just long enough for you to get a few hits in and kill him. But he would respawn doing the same thing.

  14. wzkd says:

    Or just state the country you are from first. We ask for zip codes at the beginning of transactions to understand visitor location data for grants (nonprofit museum). Our system allows for country entry as well as US zip code. For credit card auth at gas pumps and such, OP’s suggestion might still work.

  15. You also cant see the fishing line of other players

  16. wzkd says:

    I actually appreciate that. In some fishing spots it would be a hot mess with all the people camped waiting for hotspots.

  17. Is this near the west fork trail? Looks familiar

  18. It is about a mile off the boynton canyon trail.

  19. Not sure if it is related to the update or not, but was able to play last night fine. After updating this morning I couldnt launch the game this afternoon. Goes to the SOT splash page, then crashes (before even the Rare logo). Updated video drivers, logged out of windows account, restarted, tried just about everything. Am now reinstalling the game.

  20. My friend is having this issue as well. He can't get his game to launch. Have you found a solution yet?

  21. Unfortunately, I ended up having to reinstall.

  22. having the same issue. tried a ton of things, logged out of windows, updated nvidia drivers, restarted, im now reinstalling (ugh).

  23. Reinstall worked for me. just frustrating that this isnt the first time this has happened after an update.

  24. Stash purchases in 4 trading windows during the trading day. Two in the morning and two in the afternoon.

  25. Turn off Listening History in settings -> music when you listen to this kind of music.

  26. This album is one of the most slept on complete albums in the last few years. It’s so good.

  27. you'll want to put some sort of a "sill gasket" down. You can find polyethylene, EPDM and a black felt-like product (unsure of the composition). Silicone likely won't suffice. Check code in your area for ideas.

  28. Perfect. Thank you!

  29. I lived on a military base in the Philippines when I was a kid. I remember the base hired these guys to hang out on the perimeter fence with slingshots. We would go talk to them and they would all do similar accuracy feats, although never as crazy as this. I was so impressed how accurate they were with such a simple thing. I wanted a sling shot so bad after that.

  30. I think (seriously I was 11 so I don’t have a wealth of knowledge on this) it was an obligation the military made to the local government to employ people. They served as base perimeter security(in addition to other things like fencing and razor wire, etc.).

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