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  1. Ow1 coins get converted into legacy coins/currency.

  2. they are not the same currency as the new premium currency, you have a separate tracker for legacy currency and can still use it to buy some skins and stuff

  3. Ok thank you! I'm assuming there is an entirely different section for that? I've had a hard time getting into the game and thought they were just gone so I didn't look around the first time I got in.

  4. You can try joystick gremlin but not sure it will solve your problems. From your description your pedals are faulty and I would contact logitech, when you press one pedals, that's the only input to be registered, it it's registering any other input then it's faulty and a manufacturing issue.

  5. It's an old set and it only presses it a little. Pretty sure there's just dirt or something in there but I've exhausted all other efforts.

  6. Miles Morales. But it's because I have a story. Had a very scary health situation pop up at the end of 2020 (non-Covid). Before the PS5 came out I watched a ton of trailers and Miles Morales was the game I wanted to play most. I got my PS5 in April of 2021. Got MM shortly after. Played through it and beat it (it helped me get my mind off my health situation). I loved every second of it and it was my escape for a little while, while I was dealing with my issues. 2 years on and I'm ok these days. MM will always hold a special place in my heart for helping me get through the darkest year of my life.

  7. The features are the cool but the controller is way too big for me. I'd never gotten hand fatigue gaming until the dual sense came along.

  8. Worth it even with sata. What mobo do you have? You might actually have nvme support with expansion slot if you have a 2016 era UEFI bios.

  9. Didn't on my old PC. Do on my new one. I bought the SATA before getting the new PC and honestly it's plenty fast enough for me. I don't think I need the nVme.

  10. I still rock people's shit in COD, but it's not as fun as it used to be that's for sure. The gameplay is just getting more and more boring each year. Less people have skill and rely on crutches.

  11. The worst is when it's NOT an expensive item so you think it's just junk, but it's really a rare crafting item that's incredibly hard to get.

  12. I wish I could do these lol. I can't even race anymore cause my wheels pedals are fucked. It's good to see people realizing that sometimes they must change the way they drive in order to find success. It's not all about winning, but you must finish well :)

  13. Honestly it's outdated and under powered for today's games

  14. The CPU is, the GPU does ok. Is an i7-7700 better and would run ok? I'm looking at buying a better PC but I don't have a thousand dollars to spend on one. I can get a PC with the i7-7700 for $240. I can't upgrade my current PC since it's such an outdated motherboard, I have almost the best processor you can get for it's age afaik.

  15. Most likely will, and it could also be your storqge drive being severly slow or old

  16. I just bought a brand new SSD today to try and remedy the issue as I thought it was textures loading in causing the issue. But every time it freezes in the game, the GPU usage drops to single digits. Then jumps right back up to 99% usage.

  17. Should I finish the CP2077 story before watching this?

  18. It’s almost as if peoples individual beliefs and biases don’t fully define them. But that’s just my own dumb philosophy, take it as it is.

  19. You've drank the kool-aid and it shows, I hope you re-read your wall of text and realize that YOU are the one causing the divisions in our country while ranting about fabricated Boogeyman stories that don't actually represent real people. Hopefully you can see how much your views on liberals are a projection of your own behavior, work on it, and realize the vast majority of the country is just trying their best to prosper with the deck stacked increasingly against them.

  20. Nah I'm good. I'm not brainwashed by a political party. I'll run with whoever has my best interest in mind, which generally is not liberals.

  21. Trust yourself and your ability. Everything else will fall into place.

  22. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  23. The game is barely 3 years old...Of course it's going to hold up right now lol.

  24. Smite's combat is dumb. A full defense warrior can beat the shit out of a full damage ADC.

  25. Glad to see that through all the shit in his life, he hasn't lost his charming sense of humor. So happy for Brendan and can't wait to see this next phase of his life

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