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  1. My 3D chamber sometimes gets funky and flashes red and white, I use tweezers to squeeze the rubber grommet, then I push the pins down and it works fine afterwards. It’s worth a shot, worst case scenario you need to buy a new chamber, best case it works. Good luck

  2. Yeah man I don’t see whAt other choice you’ve got. If it doesn’t work splurge on the 3D chamber tiz worth

  3. Pushed it back in, let’s see how it goes! Yeah it’s not the end of the world, I’ve been wanting a 3D anyways.

  4. Can’t wait till I grow Cyans. In fruiting of my first ever grow right now (BRF cakes) and I’m pretty sure it’s a fail 🤣

  5. Pretty decent for a BRF Cake.

  6. Yeah. I'm just as shocked as you are.. lol

  7. Mind if I DM you bro? In my first grow right now, BRF cakes

  8. What was your rank before the split? Trying to see if we are around the same skill lvl :)

  9. WOW 😍 congratulations on the beautiful grow brother. That’s a precious one

  10. I’ve never had someone ask me before but then again I don’t know many people here yet

  11. One of my favorite strains even outside of the program. Glad you liked it brother!

  12. No way 😂 are the gas stations and dispos having a competition of who can fuck us harder??

  13. I just inoculated mine a week ago! Showing a little mycelium growth. Blue meanie strain, also got some JMF like you but saving that for another grow. How’s your looking now?

  14. Nothing. Pretty sure the jars are all screwed because they’re too dry, might try putting a humidifier by them because I read about one person saving theirs this way but mostly I’m being told to throw everything out and start over. Really not trying to do that because it’s like $200…..

  15. Hm. You probably are right, or like another commenter said it could be there and not reaching the edges yet. I injected 5 per jar, one on each corner practically touching the glass. And one right in the middle

  16. Personally that’s what I want. I don’t want them talking to me too much. Just like the budtemders budtenders

  17. To each their own, I guess. I am a California native and went to my local dispensary every other day, it was really nice having the guard know me, comment on my outfits and ask about my week. Dude was jolly as fuck and never had to have his hand near his gun with clueless people. IMO ohios dispensaries have a lot of ground to cover :) but getting there!! I love about wellness, great atmosphere

  18. Same here moving from California to here the cannabis scene difference is just insane. I did analytical testing for labs in California and switched to a job out here.

  19. It’s light and day bro. Blows my mind. The technology, how the dispos are run. Prime example is how live resin carts are blowing up just now here. They’ve been around for years and are old news back west. It also doesn’t make sense to me how you place an order online here and still have to wait in line like you are ordering at site at some places here. It was ready to go and they have a dedicated express line for online orders in CA, was the standard it seemed. I do miss the cannabis back home, but got way too expensive to live there

  20. Fuck the haters in the comments, I hope you’re loving that shit!!! Smoking it? Should make some edibles too

  21. Please send her down to my state id love to smoke on those amanita caps

  22. If u just want ur card just go to ohio Cannabis Connections website, say u have ptsd and book an online appointment. You’ll talk to a shady doctor for 2 minutes, he won’t ask you any pressing questions mine literally just said “oh u got trouble sleeping? better smoking weed than taking ambien” and gave me my card. No need to actually have ptsd, there is no diagnosis required you just select a little box that says you do and pay a fee and that’s it.

  23. Idk why but this made me laugh 🤣 maybe I’m too baked lol

  24. Homie said “oh u got trouble sleeping?” Lmfao 🤣 my doctor never even joined the call hahaaha I just sat there man then next thing I know I have my card.

  25. I don’t care how often you change your water, either you’re taking too big of dabs or you never clean your glass with alcohol. The resin on the inside will collect bacteria and can make you more susceptible to common illness such as, Strep, Bronchitis, Allergies, and Sinus Infections. I clean my rig every 4-5 days with alcohol completely. (I also put at least a gram of wax through it in between cleanings)

  26. Second this!! It looks like it isn’t soaked in ISO ever. Gotta do that every few days. I also run a sesh at 400 degrees with a few drops of iso in the chamber and no cap every 2 days or so. Been in great condition

  27. I had some Tokyo Sunset I just finished from them that was also super fruity, their flavors are so fucking good! Also had mine from the peak pro. I love that a little goes a long way with it.

  28. We have been a part of this group for over a year and cannot thank you all enough for the love, support, and guidance that has helped us bring you an awesome and innovative tether system and so much more. With that in mind, we want to give back and what better way than a giveaway!

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