1. Yakuza 5 is peak Kiryu, both in gameplay and lore, given that it's the build-up and culmination of all the skills he learned since Y1

  2. Remember he was in jail for like 4 years prior to 6 as well

  3. He was also living alone for 2 years priot to Yakzua 5 without much opportunity for fighting, yet he was still really strong, just somewhat rusty

  4. Haruka, being the only one to have canonically gotten some.

  5. Saejima opens up his Story by having sex though? Also Majima had a kid

  6. I’ve only played P4G and I was thinking about getting P5 when it eventually comes out to steam but now I’m afraid to touch that game with a ten foot pole if this is what it’s fan base is like.

  7. Just move to the mountains and cut all internet lines around you so you can properly enjoy the game

  8. Let’s show some respect to Hamazaki too. His redemption arc was handled with care.

  9. Tadashi did self-insert himself into Persona 1 and 2 IS and had his character date the female protagonist of SMT If, whom was designed and named after an idol that Tadashi notoriously liked. Also his character pervs a bit on Lisa during the idol arc in IS

  10. The idea is assuming that you are gathering all the sl

  11. "You're supposed to time your SLs properly" You can get around the mechanic if you plan properly, as you're supposed to if you're going for a max SL run

  12. They call "remastered" a port from PS4 to PS5 with the only change is that the game runs at 60 fps and they will charge 60 dollars for that.

  13. They also called the Ultimax port "remastered"

  14. Daddy Suou is alive, he just become a dickhead after his career bombed, it's like a huge part of Tatsuya's backstory

  15. Also Eikichi and Lisa both have great dads. They both have daddy issues, but that comes from regular shitty dad-child relationships, the dads themselves are shown to be great

  16. I thought about that and was gonna go back and create an extra “bad relationship with dad” tier, but was too lazy

  17. How about a Kenzan remake. That one deserves one more than either

  18. Harder to pirate and supposedly runs worse

  19. Not "supposedly", it objectively impacts performance.

  20. Ok? I didn't know for sure so obviously I wasn't going to run around spewing shit I didnt' know about

  21. I mean making P5 look like P3, low poly as hell and all (exept for the UI). Remaking the textures and models of an 100+ hour game is a tall task but one I'm willing to take on provided I obtain the knowledge to.

  22. That'd actually be pretty interesting, but I do think it'd face the same issue as the P5-graphics P4 mod, which is that the graphical style is just too different. So instead of having realistically proportioned models running around in a world made for chibi models, like the P4 mod, you'd have chibi models running around in a world made for a realistic models

  23. I'm striving to keep the normal proportions of the models in P5, just in 1500 poligons with washed out textures instead. Might give it some flare by using more locked camera angles as well. But if I end needing to go for chibi proportions I'll take the extra time to tweak the enviroments

  24. That sounds.. interesting. I'm curious to see how it'll end up if you get around to doing that

  25. Seems she isn't human citizen you can keep going

  26. Is this what people are refering to when they say Royal is the dfinitive edition

  27. Temos que encontrar a verdade, caralho

  28. https://doramaworld.blogspot.com/2020/06/daito-shunsukes-revelations-to-news.html?m=1

  29. Oh, I thought it'd be like drug allegations or something

  30. See that Naughty Dog ?..THIS is a Remake.You can see it's has the OG story but it's also seems like it's gonna be Expanded and added new casts.

  31. These aren't new characters, they're replacing the old cameos

  32. This game is set in the 1860's. I'm not sure if this game is canon to the rest of the timeline and they're supposed to be their ancestors or not. At first I would have thought so, but with the remake they've changed a lot of the characters around so now I can't be sure.

  33. In y6 atleast one of the Ishin characters makes a slight cameo through the ghost pictures easter egg

  34. No, she's voiced by a professional voice actress

  35. And here I was thinking they were just adding new content with 0 chars in it or something lmao

  36. I didn't think Kiryu is the type to dip and leave. The Hostess ending in implied sex I'm pretty sure is just a gameplay thing, since I don't think they'd write their honorable protagonist to genuinely be the type to go around banging ~10 different women while he was still dating Kaoru in 2, or even immediatly after they split in 3

  37. Ironic because Yakuza 3 probably has a higher impact on the series than any game besides 1, since it's the only game (besides 1 again) to have one of it's minor villains (Hamazaki) actually returb, as well as establishing the Orphanage and why you should care for the kids (also explaining why Kaoru got sent to Hell America after 2)

  38. Oh yeah, also Kashiwagi. Trust me guys, don't skip 3, not a good thing going to 4 without 3's context

  39. Didn't they port Nocturne to a new engine anyway

  40. Unpopular opinion - there's no need for Kiwami 3 at all, the third game is fine as is (and the combat is not nearly as bad as people make it seem)

  41. The whole point of Yakuza 0 is being Yakuza but in the 80s. To say Kamurocho in 0 is the exact same as it is in the rest of the series is just downright wrong, 0 is much more vibrant to reflect the iconic Bubble Era.

  42. I understand the cultural significance, but the differences are aesthetic for the most part. My point was that they restricted access to areas that were available in previous Yakuza games for seemingly no reason. You can even see the entrance to the underground mall, but there's an invisible wall blocking you from entering it.

  43. There's also the new shopping district added that was exclusive to the game, as well as the new little district in Sotenbori, and probably more little areas like that that I'm forgetting

  44. when Mc and femc meet up at the end and they say i'm in the house like carpet, i teared up.

  45. It was us all along... We were In the House like Carpet

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