I like to animate badass fan-art I come across. Kinda love how this one turned out.

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  1. Because a gamer fucked a mods wife and mom in the same day.

  2. IW is so out of touch with the fan base. At this point they have to be doing it on purpose.

  3. I've been saying this a while now; CoD is no longer a "video game" in the sense that it's an interactive pastime, born from artistic creativity and passion. It's a corporate product now. It's no different than the latest smartphone or TV. Everything about it is designed and built to make money, nothing more. And they accomplish this by keeping you trapped in a cycle of consumption and FOMO.

  4. Whenever I see a plaid I look to see who they’re with. So far, no one I recognize. Seeing Peter Jackson would be amazing.

  5. I saw Nicolas Cage once with his wife. It was a magical moment.

  6. What a weirdly defensive and insecure post. Can we not let this sub become full of fanboy/hater shit like this?

  7. It's not fair to laugh at anyone playing hardcore. They have enough struggles as it is.

  8. I used to prefer HC to core but with this game core feels so close to HC I'm like why bother? I remember the days when in core you could start getting shot and have a second to slide or jump or whatever and swing around to return fire. It came down to who is aiming better plus a little of which gun is best for that encounter. In this game I'm deleted the instant I realize I'm getting shot. No time to react unless the other player is absolutely awful. Just like HC.

  9. as much as i do agree, i can see why shipment is so popular tho. you can literally just turn off your brain and play, which i can appreciate after a long day.

  10. Agreed. Sometimes I just wanna work on some camo challenges and not feel like it's an insufferable slog to do so, as can be the case with all of the other maps. So I fire up Shipment so I can just zone out and blast away. Sure I die a lot but I also kill a lot. On the other maps, once the SBMM kicks in, I die a lot without killing a lot, so the incentive is just not there for me.

  11. The whole season could have been about Chief crash landing on a planet and trying to find means of sending a distress signal, and uncovering a secret covenant base in the mountains in the process. With minimal supporting characters and locations, just badass sci-fi action adventure survival, building up to bigger stakes. Would have been so much better than what we got.

  12. I understand. But Xbox has had very little to offer over its competition in the form of exclusives. This is their attempt to get into some console sellers.

  13. It's just unfortunate they have to do so by buying a studio that's always been multi-plat and then claiming their already in development game as their own, when it was originally going to be available to everyone. I think a lot of the frustrations from ppl with only a PS stem from that.

  14. A lot of their major titles have been and it was clear they would be going forward, before the acquisition. Don't be so emotional about this stuff.

  15. My favorite thing about this movie was Jake Gyllenhalls hair. Wish I could have hair like that hahah

  16. Lol, hell ya dude. I rocked his haircut for a while after I saw this. Its a good look but difficult to maintain.

  17. this happens if people get mad and false report you too much. Sucks but they don't have the reporting setup good so lots of false positives happen.

  18. I got reported for an offensive username the other day. Noticed an alert warning me that I could get banned for further reports. My CoD name is literally my name.

  19. Damn, I haven't even done raid 1. I need some homies to squad up with. I'm a solo player.

  20. Come the fuck on, you all but call him homophobic without overtly saying it.

  21. Lol suuuuure. Or maybe you guys are just triggered by that word for some odd reason so you're projecting?

  22. You literally replied to him accusing him of it only disliking those episodes because of the gay relationship ships. It’s a fucking pathetic attempt at baiting a response so you can call them homophobic just as you are doing now. Episode 3 was a beautiful episode but it does absolutely nothing to move forward Joel and Ellie’s relationship ship. The same goes for episode 7. They are two episodes out of a 9 episode season. It’s fair criticism to say that those two episodes take away time from Joel and Ellie’s relationship. All that guy and many others want is extended episodes or more episodes.

  23. And guess what? I agree that I'd like to have had more J/E episodes. But he also has said in other comments that the show isn't very good and suffered because of those episodes. I disagree with that. So again, I literally never said he's homophobic. I only agreed, once again, with someone else that his overall feeling of the show not being very good and then citing those two episodes makes his whole agenda here suss. That's all. Stop being so triggered.

  24. Do you seriously believe you're watching a pretzel get zapped? It's a screen, not a window.

  25. No, no one does. What a lame comment to make lol

  26. Depends on where in the US. I saw them in SF and was surprised by how normal the crowd was. Like the couple sitting next to my group was a social worker and a carpenter. There were a few mega weebs, but most were just your average citizen from what I could tell.

  27. Ya that comment above is a bit weird. I'm a US fan and I'm not anything like they described, lol. I randomly across Babymetal and thought it was fun because it's unlike anything I'd heard before and I like unique music I guess. I'm sure there are plenty of gross/cringe fans, like any artist has.

  28. I was already very interested when I saw Korn and 311 on Saturday, then I saw Babymetal too and now I'm fucking sold. I know they aren't for everybody, but damnit I think they're fun as fuck.

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