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  1. a case with thicker bezels would look nicer

  2. Thank you! It’s pretty wild in person for sure :)

  3. Thank you to my friends Joe and Stefan who pushed me to be better and better with my mods. This be gotten much better and have learned a ton by being pushed a little. Thanks fellas!

  4. Looking good! I just posted mine as well! Fun to see so many Borderlands fans!

  5. Your set looks sick! I should probably clarify that I wasn't going for a borderlands vibe with this set; they're an AliExpress set called Graffiti.

  6. Thank you! I thought for sure yours were hand done. Either way, I dig the style!

  7. Very cool! It would be cool to get our PCs together sometime!

  8. It's you!!! This entire thing started when you posted your Claptrap build over in sffpc, so like 83% of the credit goes to you for showing me (and probably a million others) what's possible!

  9. Tried this and it improved download speeds for sure. Thank you!

  10. That’s not far at all. Might have to make the trip and snag this for a build for my son

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