what stopped you from committing suicide?

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This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

  1. I made the inside of a chicken and mushroom pie with low calorie ingredients and it was so damn good! 😋 Had some vanilla soya yoghurt with dried cranberries and flaked almonds for some fibre and I didn't realise how low calorie the Aloe Vera drinks are! 😍

  2. It will bud, it always works out at some point. Keep hanging in there, life can be rough sometimes!

  3. This might sound weird but if you're holding a lot of anxiety in your body meditation helps amazingly at helping to release it. I was dead set against meditation, didn't think it would work at all but then I started doing little guided meditation for anxiety 15 min ones on my lunch break and 10 mins before bed to help me sleep. Headspace is a great app for it, or there's free videos on YouTube.

  4. Sometimes people do not want the added worry of worrying someone else or feeling like a burden during their panic attack. It's very normal to have your own way of dealing with it and if she really needs you, she will tell you. Knowing that you're there and willing to help I'm sure is already a massive help even if you can't see that right now.

  5. Games were my escape through an abusive relationship and the online friends I made help me get out of it.

  6. So like when you’re just doing nothing? And you sweat but don’t actually feel hot? For me, I can’t relate to that and have often thought it wouldn’t be as bad but I’m sure it’s just as difficult and I hope you don’t suffer too much.

  7. Yeah sometimes I can literally be sitting there gaming and just start sweating under my armpits, get a large wet patch or a trickle. I sweat like crazy whenever my anxiety is quite bad, sometimes I feel hot sometimes I don't it's very strange. Hot weather is just a no go for me, if I so much as breathe I'm drenched, mine is mainly my face and head though. I'm also relatively fit and eat a (mostly) healthy diet so that doesn't affect it at all. That sounds awful that it's challenging to change clothes! I hope it isn't too often! Sometimes laughing is the only way through it to be fair haha and it's interesting to learn how different it can be for different people.

  8. Interesting, indeed. I had no idea there were so many variations. I couldn’t comprehend sweating without being hot because that never happens to me.

  9. I think that the sweating without being hot can be down to my anxiety tbh, it can do odd things to my temperature and body when I'm in the middle of an anxiety attack so maybe it's just that? It does also send my temperature high though depending on what it is.

  10. My cats. I love them more then anything and they were always there. I was too worried no one would find me for ages and they wouldn't get fed, then I felt like no one would ever love and care for them as much as I do. So they are my little fluffy saviours ❤️

  11. He wouldn't show his true self around my friends and family however, some of my online friends who I got very close with after playing FFXIV (this was my escape at the time) overheard how he used to speak to me. I was getting to breaking point but it still hadn't clicked yet the amount if emotional and mental abuse I was going through. One night he had gone to bed and one of my online friends said "Okay look, we have all been really worried about you the past few months and have noticed things have been getting worse with the way he talks to you. Are you okay? Do you need any help?" This led to a conversation about what they've been hearing him say and then I just started to realise. They stayed up all night with me whilst I just realised all of it, it was as if I just broke but without them I don't know when I would've left.

  12. My favourite gaming memories are with the original Gameboy. I took it everywhere and every other Sunday my mum would take me to a boot fair to get games 😊 but I must've played Kirby's Dreamland over 50 times, I would try to complete it before I had to go to school lol

  13. Do you like it? Yes? Then that's all that matters! There are no restrictions hun just do you 💜

  14. That's amazing, congrats to you!! I know how tough it is to overcome so what a huge achievement ❤️

  15. I met my boyfriend on POF and I'm still in shock. I decided to go on it after a couple close friends met their amazing partners on there.

  16. Go down the lawyer route. Get him out and get as much out of it as you can! If he didn't want to be with you he could've ended things amicably with you but he's chosen to cheat and lie as well as involve your child, let him deal with the consequences too.

  17. I felt this exact same away over 6 months ago now and I'm 38 lbs down, over half way. You got this bud!!

  18. As much as I care about people and love them, I just don't always have the mental capacity to be fully available for texting, social media etc I'm frequently managing a negative job and anxiety, it's draining. I'm there either when I have capacity usually after needed rest or if they really need me.

  19. A therapist has no right to invalidate your trauma, they should be listening to you and exploring it with you to help. They also shouldn't be bringing such detrimental opinions into your therapy session!! I'm so sorry you experienced this but this is not a professional therapist, I had my doubts about that site over hearing so many bad things. Try to find a private therapist or a charity that can offer a reduced rate for counselling if you can hun, don't let this negative experience get in the way of getting the support you deserve.

  20. OMAD freaks people out. Great for health, challenging around others 🤣

  21. I love telling people about it and seeing their reactions lol my manager was the worst "OmG wHy WoUlD yOu StArVe YoUrSeLf" People are so dumb 😂 Typical examples of having an opinion with no knowledge, just makes me laugh.

  22. You can basically eat whatever you like within your window, it doesn't have to be one meal. Mine are never one meal, I usually have my main meal within the first 30-40 mins and then a protein shake and/or some fruit.

  23. Chicken pakora wraps and added a little mozzarella and garlic and herb sauce 😋 Had some honeydew melon after and some macarons! Made up about 1,300 calories and I'm satisfyingly full 👍 I get the chicken strips from Iceland, they are always stocked in my freezer cause they are so damn good and have a lot of different flavours!

  24. Kitchen Sink by Twenty One Pilots, Cut My Hair by Cavetown, Slow Dancing in The Dark by Joji and Deep Peace by Devin Townsend These are good for a cry and soothing too ❤️

  25. When women complain of things, unless its about you, they do not necessarily want your advice on how to fix it. They just want to rant and for you to listen.

  26. The book "Women are from Venus and men are from mars" explains this really well! It helped me understand my boyfriend as to why he always wants to fix things and I just want to rant. Once you understand this better it really improved our communication 😊

  27. This is so sweet, I'm so glad your little one is helping you OP 🥰

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