1. I haven’t bought it and was going to this collection for the brown leggings because everyone said it was soooo good

  2. I’m so sad they took everything from the old Whitney collections off the website D: I wanted a few pieces but never had the money when they were in stock in my size :/

  3. Try Depop/PoshMark/Mercari/Ebay, I’ve seen a lot of WS stuff on there and on Facebook GymShark selling pages!

  4. Yeah that’s a good idea, I’ll have to look on there some more. Usually when I see them for sale locally they are xs only

  5. I was definitely not prepared for this…wow I would have immediately burned those shorts yikes

  6. Wow I was so sad my box was not a December premium and I missed my chance at the Huda lipstick. Guess it worked out, really shitty of them to do this though

  7. Sorry you were disappointed. I'm glad they refunded you, since they wouldn't have sent you your choice items, since I'm sure they would be "sold out".

  8. Yeah honestly at this point I have enough makeup and skincare to go through that it’s not worth the risk and the hassle dealing with boxy if they are going to be like this. I’m surprised they refunded me honestly lol glad it happened tho

  9. Yes, I'm surprised they refunded you this quickly. Usually it takes weeks to get them to give a refund.

  10. Yeah honestly me too, I think customer service just got tired of dealing with me lmao. I had the day off so I had plenty of time to quickly reply to them. Things have been rough lately so this was my thing to spoil myself and look forward too so it’s unfortunate but I’m honestly just glad I didn’t end up getting nothing because for awhile there even Canada post was like ?? We don’t have this idk where it is.

  11. I’m so sick and tired of seeing this finely milled fish food everywhere lmao. I never got any ads for this until I started reading this sub 😂 now it’s haunting me everywhere I turn. It’s a no from me

  12. I go to anytime fitness and I usually see lots of lululemon, some Gymshark, and then none athletic gear. Lululemon is huge where I live though it’s definitely a status symbol

  13. Same here! I think they did a launch in October that they kept labeling it as “spooky” there was literally nothing spooky about it. It was all ugly 😩 those argyle print leggings 🤮

  14. I was so excited when Mykie (glam and gore) on YouTube promoted the collection and was in the ad, I was sure it would actually be spooky and I’d make my first buff bunny purchase but no :/ the most spooky thing about that collection is how basic it was

  15. Yeah I was ready to buy everything! But when I saw the collection I was like oop, guess not lol

  16. It’s so weird because every now and then they do something cool that I really like in a collection so it’s not like they don’t have the ability to make cool out there designs.

  17. Yeah after reading this I cancelled my subs, really sad because I loved my boxes so far but being in Canada and tracking being unreliable I just can’t risk being out the money. :(

  18. I cancelled right after the new terms of service email came out and I got the emails immediately. Might have to check your junk folder or spam

  19. Lmao how can he complain about gym etiquette while hogging two machines?? I go to the gym at 11pm when there’s like 5 people there max and I wouldn’t even pull that bs then. Also on top of just being disgusting about this woman who was minding her own business, of course he had to add she was speaking another language. This dude makes me want to barf

  20. I finally just this morning got the email with tracking info for my base box, nothing yet for premium. So I probably won’t see my December boxes until the middle-end of January.

  21. Also in Canada and I’m still waiting too. I heard some other people got their boxes and the shipping never updated so I’m anxiously still checking my mailbox because I don’t want it to freeze in this nasty winter weather.

  22. honey occasionally, dates rarely but because they're seasonal where I live, and maple syrup I really like it but happen to not consume it or rarely, no particular reason.

  23. Good to know, I’ll have to try it since my sweet tooth is insane

  24. I stopped drinking energy drinks (used to drink 2 basically every day plus coffee sometimes) and started drinking water. Cut out soda completely too for a long time too but I go back and forth between having it and not having it. Definitely not overdoing it anymore tho. Making the switch has helped so much with my mood, sleep, acne, and weight.

  25. I got this email too but I’m not sure if it’s in my base or premium since I didn’t sign up for luxe this time around. It’ll be interesting to see what arrives

  26. I’m doing something similar :) yours look so cool! I was going to make my cousins their own boxycharm boxes using some of my old boxes I’ve saved but now I’m thinking about hunting down some cute Christmas boxes instead seeing how great yours look :)

  27. Your choice for December will not be saved, but if you re-sub before (or, I believe, even during) the choice window in December you will be able to choose for January.

  28. Okay perfect at least I’ll hopefully be able to choose for Jan then.

  29. Hey hun, Choice for January opens on December 12th. If you resub in January, there's a very slim chance you'll get your Choice Item. You can perhaps, if the item is in Dropshop, purchase the item at a reduced price.

  30. I’m hoping I’ll be able to re sub on the 9th so I’ll be able to be in time for choice for Jan fingers crossed no emergencies happen. Thanks for replying

  31. My base has not arrived yet, the lawless is perfect! Half empty already, plumping and erases fine lines, love love love

  32. Yess I love my lawless gloss too ^ I’m thinking about picking up a second sparkly shade from Sephora haha

  33. Twins, received mine last week. My tool is fine, needed a battery. I used it once. Meh. But I loved everything else

  34. Nice! I wish I would have got the rare beauty item instead of the mascara or the tool lol oh well. Do you also get base?

  35. First ever Natasha denona item YAY! I had the four pan version in my cart at Sephora but now I feel like I don’t need it. Very happy with my box again :) I go through lip products like crazy so I’m definitely not complaining about getting some in both boxes.

  36. What ND duo is this. The red cream and blush or the highlight?

  37. Smart move. Think of it as a very expensive way for you to receive the items they couldn't sell when they had to tell you what you would receive.

  38. After Christmas , usually in January the advent calendars that didn't sell will be super cheap. I think I got mine for around $12 each. I bought 5, so I got the free shipping and some kind of free gift.

  39. True, I’ll have to keep my eye out! This year I’m making my own boxycharm type box for a few people and I hope they will like it. I bet that was a great feeling seeing them want it asap. I’m going to definitely do this stuff in the future! Sounds like so much fun

  40. I’m so excited to try everything when I get back home! Was very happy with my premium tarte box as well!

  41. Nice box! Im still waiting for my base box, mine is resub with no choice but I chose the Kat Burki cream. Enjoy!

  42. Thanks! Honestly when I tried to use the codes at checkout none of them worked so I figured I wasn’t going to get any free gift. Surprised I ended up getting one! The cream looks nice I hope you enjoy it :)

  43. Well that sucks and should be an issue that's addressed if you ask me. Equal shipping and shipping for everyone! Lol yeah thanks Alot you've been awesome

  44. Agreed haha been like this as long as I can remember tho. Hopefully one day it’ll change. Thanks! You too

  45. Yeah, quite a bit of drama! Be glad all you've got is Boxy bc they seem to be getting their stuff together but now Ipsy is insane! I was charged 3 times for a purchase, got in touch with cs they supposedly canceled it and then 9 days later they added the same charge to one if my new charges and instead if $16 bucks I thought I was spending I've ended up charged almost triple that and will be getting double of one item bc it was in the canceled order but i wanted it that's why i purchased it in a new order just to end up charged foot both and can't get anyone to respond. I've seen Alot if this here on reddit happening and since they've merged (boxy and ipsy) its like one or the other is always messing up! Its crazy! I don't see why being in canada would make any difference bc you're connected to the us, right? Lol geography was never my thing but what's their reasoning in it being so difficult? I've always wondered? And yep i understand completely about the description you gave lol but I'm gonna try it out bc my dark circles aren't really bad but I've not found anything that helps. Hoping this does

  46. Oh Oof that’s crazy! It sucks customer service isn’t great :/ no idea why there’s an issue with some things not being available in Canada but yeah haha connected to the states but a lot of the time Canada just doesn’t get the same things the states do. Hopefully it helps!

  47. Wait why is your box so much nicer ? I got the basic black one that was dented 😂

  48. If it makes you feel any better mine has a chunk taken out of the front of it lol. I just threw the tarte paper over it 😂

  49. I got this box too! I really love blush, so it would have been nice to get. However, I’m not a fan of cream blushes. I love the Tarte powdered blush.

  50. I’ve wanted to try the tarte powder blush for years lol I’ll probably get that one instead. I really like everything I got so far, probably going to gift the palette to my cousin but aside from that 10/10

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