2. also in italy i can't use the coupon for the pixel itself, i have to do this trick to make it work!

  3. Way too social to be here. Are you mistyped? jk

  4. ahahahahahah, i did the test several time, Always ESFJ, i think i have the perfect balance of TOUCHING GRASS and TOUCHING KEYBOARD

  5. Ricordo il commento di un redditor che aveva avuto difficoltà a far capire ad un americano che Venezia non "chiudeva".

  6. in che senso chiudeva, pensava fosse un parco?

  7. Il cellulare ovvio, il secondo è ricreabile facilmente

  8. "dude 10:43, maybe 10:44... i dunno... you choose"

  9. little review about MyDockFinder?

  10. qui da me in provincia di napoli spesso ho sentito "A SCAZZIM"

  11. Minimize everything in the background and you can see one of the classes, meaning that it's still loading. It takes about 2 min for myself to start it up.

  12. hmmmm no the fact is that the process shut down entirely after the loading

  13. Have you tried verifying the game files? Only thing I can think of besides a reinstall. I had to update the BIOS on my X570 mobo because EAC would crash my PC.

  14. just waiting for the data check!

  15. What are you looking for?:

  16. I personally would say that you should buy it to support its development! ^^

  17. ahahah hi developer, infact my GF bought it at the end 👍

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