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  1. Im leveling axis first in moscow because I want to finish the harder group first after that Ill switch to the soviets for an easy grind.

  2. how do people keep making over 200 kills I've never gotten above 200 kills

  3. Skill. Most of the time people just run and dont shoot people.

  4. I only ever spent $10 to get the premium battlepass a year ago, anything else is totally unnecessary. But if I wanted to simply unlock the campaign tree in Stalingrad by playing I have to pay $30. It's unjustifiable.

  5. The reason why darkflow experimented on the system is that people kept complaining that the grind was insane even if you have a subscription and the premium squads are insanely expensive the same price as a triple A game. I like this system its way way cheaper then buy subscription and buying squad slots. But most people who complain about the system are people who barely or refuse to spend Money on this game.

  6. They implemented the system because they thought they could sucker more people into paying for the campaign than they can by selling premiums. The progression in the game is like war thunder, a shade easier in fact, and like in that game there's no need to buy premium squads to be competitive. I've got no problem with them making money that way. What's happening in Stalingrad is different; by locking normal players out of most of the campaign unlocks it's impossible for a f2p player to compete with a paying player. It completely undermines any fairness in the game.

  7. Kid the 10$ that you spent on the battle pass you earn it back if you are smart enough not to spend the gold you get from leveling the battle pass. Plus you don't need to buy the access pass you still get good squads in the campaign, you just don't want the other kids having something that you can't get, it makes you jealous.

  8. You got what you deserve. You know the rules yet you still did it. What do you think would happen.

  9. What anime was the first clip?

  10. Grants. Same here did it slow and steady and it paid off. Bot players will tell you, you wasted your time.

  11. But both parties could kill in one hit panzers through Pz II to the panzer 4 F2

  12. Yah thats where skill comes out. even if both parties have nice tanks the noob looses to the sweaty player.

  13. I would rather have the bigger gun with little armor than a tank with lots of armor but is armed with a BB gun.

  14. Man I remember that band called synderes or something. They were a guest star and we found out later one of the bandmates botted to get NSOD and we crucified the living crap out of him that AE had to remove that band members NSOD so that the community would chill the hell out.

  15. Oh you're talking about Sayn? I used to know him vaguely over the internet back in the day before he went travelling for a bit and disappeared. From memory once it came out he botted his NSoD he gave it up as well as a personal item that was meant to be made for him and instead wanted this armour (

  16. What the so that band member became a AE staff. WHAAAAAA????

  17. Any premium squad is worth it if you are still starting out on a new campaign. This squad carried me good but I shelf it after I maxed the campaign level and only take it out if they add new levels.

  18. Kids these days wont know how hard it is to get it in the old days. We had to touch lava after we got it.

  19. A shot trap. Ill remember this.

  20. The Chad m8 Scott player pushing up and fighting around the objective vs the Virgin Tiger camped out of bounds on a hilltop tank sniping into spawn.

  21. What???? A tank thats on the hills away from the enemy, sniping like how tanks should be played is a noob move. I'm afraid to ask what the pro move is.

  22. Not positive. But judging by the use of chad m8 scott it might have been a joke

  23. The amount of post I see about tanks should be used in the front line is over 9000. Had to let the steam in my head out. Lost so many games because of the mentality.

  24. Are you serious dude. Do you even know what HE shells are. Do you even go to school?

  25. The premium panzer 4 E with heat rounds can kill it frontally.

  26. Oh panzer of the lake what wisdom do you give.

  27. Enemy pilot didn't see that coming.

  28. That happened to me with my jumbo.

  29. Everything in the gold order weapons are all sooooooooooooooo MEH.

  30. After studying this video for hours, I can confidently say that your issue is that you didn't pull up

  31. Yah I think the landing gear couldn't handle the speed.

  32. I mean, sure, she looks even more badass in saga of pravda, but do you remember when she knew the hetzer was approaching from behind her without even looking? The girl has some sort of panzer-sense or something...

  33. Both her and miho can hear tanks approaching. I think it's in their blood that they have some kind of super sense for tanks.

  34. Good luck I bet you that 2 months from now they will put something new. I survived his game sticking to the bare minimum. Plus we don't have any activity that requires super end game hard core gear. Learned that hard on retem.

  35. I don't doubt they'll add something new to replace these in a couple months. As for activity that requires end game hard core gear, I'm hoping that's what Rank 2 Dark Falz is going to be.

  36. The greaga series from retem was was enough to carry me from the start of retem till retem ended. I think the rokz series will be the same it's just we have an option to upgrade them if we choose to, but all in all I'll just stick with the rokz series and maybe upgrade one weapon of the class of my choosing. Graega carried me in all activities in retem what deference are they gonna do here in kravis.

  37. I want you to be in all my games now. The hero we need but we don't deserve.

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