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  1. Does "fully vaccinated" mean 1 shot of the J&J?

  2. I wonder if it follows BARK or WOOF, similar to their earnings.

  3. Everybody loves a good comeback story. When we climb out of this hole and to the top of the mountain, we will look down and see all the people that originally looked down on us. Keep pushing along one day at a time. Fuck Bill.

  4. Happy birthday twin. Made the same wish and have had a solid 17% on two of my investments today.. let's hope PSTH follows suit and comes to our party 🥳

  5. Happy birthday! Another trip around the sun.

  6. Looking for a white dress shirt to wear with a dark green suit to a wedding next week. Slim fit, no tie. Any suggestions?

  7. Is there a chance we get a DA before my Sept. 21 calls expire? Everything I've seen is earliest could be Oct. but expect Q1 22.

  8. Much needed this morning, thank you 🤝

  9. Someone is going to be the person that sells just before it takes off. I just hope I'm the other guy.

  10. Really hoping the wsj article forced Bill’s hand in releasing the UMG news. The hopeful side of me wants to believe he already has targets lined up for psthr and sparc and that’s what took so long to announce. Like why would Jackie leave square to join bill in buying 10% of UMG. Just doesn’t make sense.

  11. This. This is what we need and fast.

  12. I finally gave in and rolled my March calls to June. Which means a DA will happen tonight. You’re welcome. Let my sacrifice feed your tendies.

  13. I'm heavy in March. Watching the price and will prob. roll over 75% to April-June. Didn't want to do it at the low the last few days. Hopefully we can get some positive movement here back to 30-31 and then pull the trigger. Ideally by end of day tomorrow - early next week.

  14. 3/19 calls really hurt to look at. I'm considering rolling them over to a later date but I feel like it would be best to wait for a no news pop to recoup some losses before doing it.

  15. We've held 30 well. I'm going to see if we can get back to 31-33 by next week and maybe roll out.

  16. Yes, but the March is a higher risk/reward at this point. I'm not going to sell at the low just to catch a bounce in a less rewarding option. Just my feeling. If I was smart, I would've sold them 2 days ago so fade me.

  17. I feel like I should get out of the Feb 19 calls. Starting to bleed... SAY SOMETHING BILL!

  18. It's okay. You're among friends here.

  19. We won that game that he logged 12 kills a day ago. He killed a bunch on the initial plane ride, including our teammate. I took video it but I guess I won't upload it now. Always run away when you're loaded in waiting for the plane.

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