1. So you want to transition into a red mist? I can help with that…

  2. Bushwacka deez nuts (pee is stored in the balls, and the bushwacka deals full crits instead of minis)

  3. oregano desert is a fucking amazing level to s rank

  4. Yes, the game spawns 60 filths disguised as Gianni PNGs to wreck your ass

  5. Missed the chance to put either Linkin Park or “I tried so hard” on the ps3 itself

  6. damn just realized it's you was doing pipi in your pampers and not i was doing pipi in your pampers

  7. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 9: The JOJOlands

  8. Fun fact: todays the 1st birthday of that tweet

  9. Well i'm Jane Feudalism now kneel before me peasant

  10. Horror YouTuber who is very likely to commit suicide (assassinated by the CIA) in the next year

  11. No it stands for pussy, go in there and turn sisyphus into a fine red mist like a real man

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