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  1. There’s only 20 of these Stealth Bombers, so that’s probably part of the reason why there was only 1 for the flyover.

  2. I think the PA announcer said it was the only b2 bomber in the US military when they showed the pilots on the big screen

  3. There is definitely more than 1, because I visited Las Vegas a year ago, and I saw 3 of these stealth bombers land at the Nellis air base next to Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Not sure exactly how many we have but it’s definitely more than 1.

  4. Not saying I wouldn’t give Hurts whatever deal he wants, because he 10000% deserves it, but damn $50M per year would hurt like hell.

  5. We say that every time there's a new high, but the cap keeps going up and teams keep being fine (barring absolute fuck-ups like I hope the Watson deal turns out to be). $50m sounds like a lot right now, but by the time the contract is almost up, assuming Hurts keeps playing like this, we'll be saying it's a steal.

  6. I guess that’s a really fair point… just look at how Bryce Harper’s deal compares to Aaron Judge’s now (if you pay attention to baseball). Harper seemed like a massive overpay 5 years ago, but now it’s a steal.

  7. hes a millionaire im sure he'll be fine he doesnt need prayer

  8. I’m sure if you tore your ACL before and went through the kind of recovery this requires you wouldn’t be saying this, it’s a long and hard road man.

  9. Pretty sure Titans fans would’ve much rather have Downing fired than Robinson.

  10. Wow… Brock Purdy just got vaulted into a really tough position. Hoping for the best for Jimmy G.

  11. For sure, he did, but he now has to take a team with Super Bowl contention in mind and try and put it on his back. Lotta pressure with that, and he’s a rookie.

  12. Here’s a clip of it happening for anyone wondering what it looked like.

  13. I really hope it’s nothing major.. but I was told before that I sprained my knee then later found out it was a torn ACL. Praying it’s not that for Von.

  14. Wow… so he’s pretty much safe to drop in redraft leagues; very good chance that he won’t be around in the championship weeks. Absolutely brutal blow to most teams, I hope Kupp has a safe recovery.

  15. This was way overdue, might be a little too late considering they’re in a pretty deep hole at 3-6.

  16. Godwin really made that trade worth it, and everyone else in the trade is kind of shitting the bed now, so I’d say it worked out pretty well so far lol

  17. This sounds like a sentence all of us wrote down or said in grade school 😂

  18. I’m curious.. who the fuck calls plays for you guys? It’s been fucking atrocious play calling for y’all today so far.

  19. Pulling Wheeler at 70 pitches was by far his worst fucking decision ever. Very, very bad call, and he deserves all the shit he gets for it honestly.

  20. I said it was a bad call in the moment too. And it clearly was. But all these people I see saying. "Why did we extend him. He's fucking garbage." And nonsense like that. I'm fine with criticism. But what I'm seeing on this sub is just pathetic.

  21. I’m still riding with Rob, but he needs to get shit for this. Absolutely atrocious call. Ride with your aces, especially when he’s fucking dealing.

  22. Can someone tell FOX to get off their knees for the fucking Astros

  23. Now we have to hope Nick comes through… bless us all. We’re fucked.

  24. I’m scared for the day he retires, because I really think he’s serious that he wants to just go into the dark.. I don’t know what I’d do without funny Giannis content. It’s impossible to hate this dude.

  25. We all know how this ended for the Vikings a few years back…

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